Meet the Dragomon 12

Meet the Dragomon

Players have already met the classes of Dragomon Hunter, and now it’s time to meet the monsters they’ll battle and tame! Publisher Aeria Games has just unveiled a new video that showcases a small selection of the 100+ wild and unique Dragomon populating the world of Wyveria. Dragomon Hunter is the upcoming free-to-play, monster-hunting, anime-style MMORPG that pits players and their friends against fearsome and fantastical creatures. Interested players can also visit the official website for a look at each of the four classes in detail, along with a fully interactive world map.

A few highlights from Dragomon Hunter’s huge roster of creatures:

  • Darkslate Reptilion, a tough Beastomon protected by plate-like scales and sharp spines. When attacked, it swipes its massive tail to ward off all foes in range.
  • Toxroach, an Insectomon with huge, gossamer-thin wings. Despite their agility, these wings pack a punch, so keep some distance!
  • Fungal Croaker, a Hydromon which bears a colorful mushroom on its back. But that’s not all – it has a serious bite, so keep away from its jaws.
  • Dracofowl, a Drakemon in the Viridian Forest, with ravishing plumage and a sparkling ruby on its head to dazzle its foes.

With more than 100 monsters to track down, a huge world to traverse, and the ability to collect any defeated monster as a mount, Dragomon Hunter will appeal to the adventurer in everyone. The game is set to launch in North America and Europe in both English and French this fall, and monster-hunting gamers can sign up for the closed beta at

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