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Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

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Marvel's Spider-Man is arguably the best superhero to feature in an open-world game. The all-new Spider-man for PS4 from Insomniac Games is a virtual fun-comic game that contains all the flavors of Spiderman, the People’s Hero.

The Spider-Man game features all kinds of web slinging, fighting evil bosses along with many more missions. Those of which will surely keep you interested for a long time. The Spider-Man game's major portion is about Spider-man dealing with his usual bad elements in the city. Some of them includes thieves trying to steal a jewelry store, preventing a carjacking, exposes enemies stocking dangerous military arms and many more.

Insomniac Games have put in a lot of effort and hard work, as it make you believe that being a Spider-man yourself is a great feeling. With all the hype created before the release of this game, the game has certainly lived up to all the expectations and provides for a stellar ride. Another important reason that the Spider-Man game has come out very successful is because Insomniac Games has been provided with complete freedom to create a world of their own. And they have excelled at it to the core.

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Stunning Presentation

Although the world created by the developer is not so much a carbon copy of Spider-man cinematic or the comic world, it still proves to be a unique world out of its own. Maybe people looking to recreate Spider-Man may take references from this game as the base. The characters in the game are exceptionally brimming with life. While Peter the hero of the game is pretty much comfortable in his regular role and the heroine Mary Jane is just being used a damsel in distress. There are also other few characters you may identify from other Spiderman movies.

Right from the word go, the game comes out with outstanding visuals and presentation. We can say that as of now, this is one of the best games in PS4 in terms of presentation. Insomniac Games also have shown New York in the most beautiful manner. 

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Exciting Gameplay

Another exciting feature of the game is the web-slinging aspect of Spider-Man. Every time he is on the move, you can hear the background music which makes the scene even more exciting. Insomniac Games has invested many hours behind Spiderman making his arcs across the building and traversing seamlessly across the city. 

When you play the role of Spider-Man, then you need to get yourself ready fighting all his arch enemies. It requires a bit of learning to understand all of his basic moves. Though once you are familiar with his moves, fighting with enemies becomes much easier.

His moves remains the same including dodging, running and punching along with the use of some modern gadgets. You can also see Spider-Man throwing the goons into the air. Another interesting move is webbing up his enemy. Spider-Man grabs hold of the enemy using a web-string and spin a web around him before finally knocking them over.

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The settings around the main protagonist is a pleasant, even though it can take a game to only some distance. But even then if the game doesn’t feel good, what can beautiful settings and presentation can do. And this is where Insomniac Games come out as a clear winner. As Spider-Man you never get a feeling that you are out of control. Each and every element around you is carefully created and designed to make you believe that you are the Spider-Man.

Overall, the Spider-Man game provides you with some riveting action. It also keeps you busy and web-slinging all the time while fighting with your enemies. There are also moments that the game allows you to take some break from all the fighting and swinging across buildings.

There are times that the game moves at a very slow pace such as when Parker is involved in designing some mechanism at his workplace. You also need to solve some puzzles. Even though they seem pretty much simple at the start, it becomes complex as the level goes up. You will also be cast into the shoes of other supporting casts of Spider-Man which also slows down the pace to some great extent. This allows you to help in the character development. It also enables Spider-Man to get all the support he needs at dangerous situations.

Background Music

The background score in the game really takes the game to the next level. Every time when you see Spiderman swings into action, the music makes the swinging much more enjoyable and realistic. It is as if watching the Spiderman movie with the Parker shouting across while swinging through the streets of New York. But still the tracks are not the best in class as they don’t play in your mind after you get out of the game.

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Finally, a game available that stands tall among the DC games. Spider-Man is one of the best games by Insomniac Games. And if you are a real fan of this super-hero, you’ll certainly love each and every aspect of this game. The developers have really spent thousands of hours behind the design and conceptualization of the elements in this game.

Insomniac games have come out with their own version of Spider-Man’s world out. Everything is well thought out right from the web-slinging to the fighting and character building etc. Even though much looks familiar, it still appears to be more polished and refined.

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Marvel's Spider-Man Review
Finally, a game available that stands tall among the DC games. Spider-Man is one of the best games by Insomniac Games
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