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Marseille mCable Gaming Edition Review

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It’s not always easy to go about and buy a brand new TV. Now you don’t have to worry about buying a new TV rather the company Marseille has come up with an HDMI cable called the Marseille mCable Gaming Edition. Marseille claims that this latest edition Marseille mCable can deliver clearer and cleaner pictures.

The purpose of Marseille mcable is to take images from whatever devices you are willing to use them on and upscale the image to look like they are in 1080p HD and those which already have HD Marseille mCable will upgrade the image to look like 4K.


Looking like standard HDMI cables, one end of the cable is fitted into the TV which is embedded with a microchip directly into the cord. The microchip embedded in the HDMI cable picks up the signal from the source and figures out what kind of TV you are plugging the source into and they make the necessary adjustments in the image to accommodate.


Design & Build

Marseille mCable will cost between $120- $150 depending on the length you choose.  Though most of the HDMI cables almost provide the same performance, what makes this Marseille  Mcable so unique? 

Well, the answer to this question boils down to the ASIC processor at the end of the TV cable. This integrated chip is dedicated to processing each frame it receives. Artifact removal, edge detection, color management are just some of the few bullet points mentioned in the box. Marseille mcable requires power that is being provided through an integrated USB cable. This is not a concern because most of the modern TV’s comes along with a USB slot located within a short distance of the HDMI ports. 



The surface of this mCable is just like a thick HDMI lead but this mCable comes along with an extra line attached. There are no tweak option menus and neither any on/off button withdraws its post-processing. 

Talking about the compatibility of this mCable the good news is that this mcable works with many resolutions whether its 480p, 720p up to 1080p signal. This cable automatically chips in and takes careits processing. 



The build-in quality of this Marseille mCable is really impressive. It features a thick rubber casing with strong connector joints and is surely not going to wear out anytime soon. 

The next thing taken into account is the USB cable which is being attached to the end of the display cable. The USB cable helps to power the Intelligent Graphics Pixel professor which is capable of using a series of enhancements to the source signal which in turn helps to improve the picture quality.  

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The Improvements include a number of things. Starting from the advanced contextual anti-aliasing to pixel and graphic recreation extending till details and contrast enhancements all this is being done using the real-time processing lag-free right in the mCable. It carries the capability of transferring VR gaming and even 120FPS gaming at 1080p.

The built-in processing chip and the design is super simple to use. The whole idea behind this mcable is the enhancement of the look of lower-quality images especially games.  This mCable is the perfect cable to enhance the quality of your games in case you are using the older gaming console like Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. 

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Taking into account the design of this mCable, it is very simple. It is available in 3-6-9 foot lengths and comes along with 2 cables. One is the HDMI cable which helps to pass the video signals and the other one is the USB cable used for power. Unlike most HDMI cables this Marseille mCable are labeled as “TV “and “Source” and the end thus making clear nit to simply grab one and plugin.  

Marseille mCables are usually larger than average plugins and this is exactly where the secret lies.  The enlarged plug end which is a video processing chip enables the mCable to do something which on traditional video cord can ever do- Improve the resolution of the image you are viewing whether it’s a movie or gaming

This mCable Gaming Edition is specifically designed to be used in-game consoles and PCs. Promising a lag-free experience the company claims that this mCable adds less than 1 millisecond of latency.


This mCable has its own sets of pros and cons. However, the real question which stands here, is it worth the money?  Being honest, this mCable does have some features that are worth noticeable but there is nothing as such that will blow one away completely. Considering the high price this mCable is not really out of the box. 

The best part of this mCable is that it comes along with different sizes ie. 3, 6 and 9 feet and you can easily choose according to your requirements. Designed with its power source this USB cord is about 90% length of a normal HDMI cord thus making cord management, much more easier. 

marseille mcable

The built-in quality of this mCable is great and there is nothing to complain about it. In case you are using an old gaming consoler then this is an ideal option for you thus improving the video and image quality of your gaming experience. 

It’s a great invention indeed but the price point is too much to ask for.  In general, this mCable is of great use and you won’t regret purchasing them.  

So, go ahead and get one to experience the innovation and the blessing of advent technology. Undoubtedly, it will award you with a new experience of transparent quality pictures every time you use it.  This investment will worth. 

Hope this review helps! Let’s know about your experience with this ultra-modern mCable. Enjoy your game like never before with this brand new mcable gaming edition by Marseille. Make your PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox experience from normal to HD by using this revolutionary gaming mcable. This modest improvement makes this gadget a must-try in 2019.

marseille mcable
marseille mcable
Marseille mCable Gaming Edition Review
It’s a great invention indeed but the price point is too much to ask for. In general, this mCable is of great use and you won’t regret purchasing them.
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