Genshin Impact 1.4 Update to feature 8 New Characters

Genshin Impact 1.4 Update to feature 8 New Intriguing Characters

Tens of Thousands of players have joined Genshin Impact in the past months. The world of Teyvat features seven different continents with distinct cultures. Players can explore Mondstadt and Liyue again and again as they progress in-game.

Genshin Impact 1.4 Release Date

It’s been discovered that the next nation to be added is Inazuma. Unfortunately, no one is sure when it will come out, and it is an unlikely candidate for an update any time soon. However, files found on the beta server shows that a few new characters have been included in the patch, including some who are rumored to be from Inazuma.

Reddit user Drakolla911 recently leaked images of eight upcoming characters. It claimed to be data-mined from Genshin Impact’s closed beta test. These eight images show characters dressed in Japanese kimonos. The revealed characters appear to be from Inazuma. They were showcasing traditional elements of Japanese fashion. Some outfits feature small sleeve slits, like kariginu and suikan, popular attire from the Heian period.

Genshin Impact 14 Update to feature 8 New Characters

Those who don’t showcase Japanese fashion identities hail from the more familiar settings of Liyue and Mondstadt. A few names are being shared by our fellow Redditors. Thanks to the sharing of the Reddit community, we have a few names.

Genshin Impact 1.4 Characters

  • Hu Tao – Owner of the funeral parlor Liyue same as Qiqi. However, they don’t get along very well. She’s a Pyro Polearm from Liyue like Xiangling.
  • Mimi is also a Hydro Catalyst.
  • Yunjin is a Geo Polearm from Liyue like Zhongli.
  • Yayao is the first character we know for certain is playable. She’s a catalyst from Liyue and she studied with Xiangling or works at a rival restaurant or something. I can’t remember exactly, but she gets along really well with Qiqi.
  • Sayu – An Anemo Claymore user from Inazuma.
  • Kazuha – A Anemo Sword user from Inazuma.
  • Rosaria – A Cyro Polearm user from Mondstadt.
  • Shenli – A Cyro Claymore user from Liyue.

Some of these characters have already been featured within miHoyo’s official materials. For example, Yaoyao was before featured in a key art for Genshin Impact. He seems to be friends with Qiqi, the zombie character from Liyue. Rosaria was before featured in the Dragonspine story missions as a nun from the Church. It’s also rumored that she’ll arrive in Genshin Impact 1.4.

Beside the eight characters pictured above, there is another potential character. Tohama is a pyro weapon user. According to Zeniet’s tweet, these character designs are not final. When they are introduced, they might look significantly different from how they are portrayed in this article.

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