Establishing Your Own Gaming Convention 18

Establishing Your Own Gaming Convention

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There are many gaming conventions already established and thriving all over the world, but usually, they take place in big cities. Although there are plenty of transport links to these locations, for some gaming fans it isn’t always that easy to get there. For those that live in towns and villages that are miles away from these big cities, they often miss out on attending these types of events. If you’re someone who would like to see an event like this a bit closer to home, why not set one up yourself? If you think this is something you’d like to do, here is a guide to help you plan it. 


Before you start spending any money or promoting your event, first establish whether or not there is enough demand in your local area for it. This doesn’t have to be restricted to your town or village, but rather the entire county and the ones next to it. If you’re living a long way from the nearest city that holds a convention, it’s highly likely that other gamers who live in your surrounding areas would like to see something closer to home as well. Send out surveys or use social media to reach out to local groups and ask if they would be interested in the event. You might even find people who are willing to help you set it up. 


If you have discovered that there are local people interested, the next step is developing the convention itself. However, before you get carried away you need to consider how much money you have to spend on it. You’ll need to think about venue costs, how much it will cost to get guest speakers out, food and drink stalls, security, etc. If you don’t have a lot of your own money to fund this independent convention, consider setting up a crowd-funding page


Ticket sales will also help to cover your overheads. You must confirm what is going to happen at your event before you put the tickets up for sale. If you have promised people that a particular guest speaker is going to be there and they don’t turn up, this could lead to disappointment and refund requests. Never put anything on the events listings until you have had a written confirmation that this is happening. Once you’re ready to sell tickets, use websites like to list your event. 


If you want your independent gaming convention to be a success, you have to promote it. Use social media to advertise the event and reach out to gaming groups, blogs, websites, magazines, etc. to reach a wider audience. Don’t forget to promote through your local events pages too as this is the primary demographic you’re trying to attract. 

It’s a challenge trying to organize any event, but if you pull it off you could be offering local gamers the opportunity to have a convention experience without having to travel for miles. It might not attract big names at first, but if you make it a success who knows how popular your independent convention will get.