Edifier TWS1 Review
Edifier TWS1 Review

Edifier TWS 1 Review

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Edifier TWS 1

People are very fond of listening to good music and they prefer Bluetooth wireless headsets for it. It is their hobby to use them while doing daily kind of stuff like driving, household works or even gardening activities. They used many types of wireless headsets but all of them were not good enough to satisfy their all requirements. Some of them were really good but they were too expensive to afford for a daily use.

There are certain other requirements like quality performance and quality sound which makes the wireless ear buds different from the others.

When some people tried Edifier TWS 1, then they realized that it is the perfect choice for them. Edifier TWS 1 has Bluetooth 5.0 and excellent appearance as well as it provides best comfort in using it. There are many more factors which make this product appealing to them and some of them are listed below.

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Performance of Edifier TWS 1

There are many ear buds available in the market which provides comfortable plastic or rubber design to cushion you ear and make you comfortable while listening to it, but they lack in performance. The sound quality of those ear buds is really ridiculous. Many times it causes severe pain in the ear on the part of diaphragm due to lack of performance of those ear buds. This complaint is rectified very effectively in Edifier TWS 1.

People generally watch web series on their smart phone and prefer to use these ear buds for it and surprisingly they don’t feel pain in their ears even after one or two years of continuous watching it. In addition to this there is no noise problem with these ear phones as the optimum sound levels are very carefully monitored. Sharp and required sound is obtained from these ear buds.

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TWS1 Optimum Battery Performance

Generally people don’t prefer to use wireless headsets or ear buds due to battery recharge problem with them. There are certain companies which provide you with optimum performance, comfortable design and all other features, but they lack in the battery performance. These kinds of products are also wastage of money for some people. There are many complaints for those products like battery gets exhausted after one or two hours and one needs to recharge it. It is really frustrating situation if someone is watching a movie of three hours with these ear buds and suddenly battery is exhausted after two hours and one has to miss the climax of the movie.

This kind of things never happened with this product till now as per the reports.  People are consistently using it from last few days and it has not given them any chance of disappointment due to battery life. The configuration and technology used in this product for maintaining battery life is really appreciable.

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Exciting features and innovation

If you observe this product minutely, then you will realize that the company has taken lot of efforts for the research and development as well as presentation of the product. Some of these features which were felt innovative are described here.

The first innovative feature which people felt is the small LED light with red color which provided you the idea of battery life and helps you to plan your application schedule accordingly. It was really fascinating for few persons.

The second feature which they would like to appreciate is the Bluetooth 5.0 which connects with your device very fast and effectively. They have not encountered any connectivity issue with its Bluetooth from very long time now. In the beginning it was there, but it was not due to faulty product, it was due to their  ignorance about the product.

The third exciting feature of these ear buds is the use of best quality plastic in the body parts of the product. Generally the plastic used in other ear buds gets warm or sometimes melts due to overheating after few days, but this kind of issue is not yet found in this product. People have checked the room temperature of its plastic body time to time and it was always bearable for their body.

The fourth exciting feature about these ear buds is the space required to store them. Edifier TWS 1 buds are very tiny in size and hence required to be placed in compact and protective covering. The casket provided with the product is very small and protective enough to store it in your pocket effectively. You can also keep these ear buds in your back sack or any kind of handy bag. It can also be kept with your laptop bag while travelling.

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Edifier TWS1 is Affordable

Edifier TWS 1 ear buds are extremely affordable and hence could be preferred by common man. All the exciting features in affordable price could be the tagline for the advertisement of this product. People would strongly recommend this product to everyone who is fond of listening to good music in their busy life style.

Edifier TWS 1 wireless nature helps you to use them effectively anywhere in the world. Specifically if you are travelling in a train or sitting in the noisy place fully crowded with people, then this product can provide you with your personal space and peace even in that situation.

Very few products are able to achieve this with such a precision, but people must say that this product is one of them which can successfully do this difficult task. If you are fond of listening to soft music rather than Jazz, Pop or music with beats, then it could be best choice for you. Some people like to use these ear buds within their coffee time and they really feel very special by using it.

What people expect it to be in future

People expect many new features in this product in are updated design and updated models. The first thing which they expect is more number of colors in the product and some more creativity in the design of ear buds and the case to protectively store them. People would like them more if the company could provide them in camouflage design.

Edifier TWS1 Review
Edifier TWS 1 Review
These ear buds are extremely affordable and hence could be preferred by common man. All the exciting features in affordable price could be the tagline for the advertisement of this product.
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