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Edifier TWS 5 True Wireless Earbuds Review

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Days are gone when headphones used to be defined as a wire with two earbuds. In this era of smart living, they also have adopted some sort of smartness. Now they come in wireless attribute and you can connect them via Bluetooth. Taking advantage of this new trend, Edifier has launched its TWS5 series. In this article, we’ll do a detailed analysis of the performance and other attributes of   TWS5. Let’s check it out now!!

Design and Build

At a glance, it looks like a different headphone that doesn’t look alike any other headphone in the market. The packaging is quite concise. There’s no such protective film that covers the earphone. The charging box consists of pull up cables that ensure convenient access. The set of accessories comes with three silica gel sheets sets, micro USB cable, and a user manual. The design is adaptive and offers convenience while handling. 

The silicon jackets provided with the headphones come in three different sizes ranging from large to small. They are easy to replace and can go easily with any other silicon sheet. The headphones hold the left(L) and right (R) logo. However, the logo could be clearer. You don’t need to put a lot of effort while putting it back to the case. 

While charging, the indicator blinks. The charging box also has a 3-grid display. The walker logo of the charging box offers a comprehensive design. Trust me; you’d love to carry it outside. The charger supports input of 5V 500mA. However, the port is not the super new type-c one.  It could be more elaborative. 

The opening and closing functionalism of the box is quite impressive. There won’t be any float like feeling and the grade is indeed higher than the competitors. 

Edifier TSW 5 Review


The Bluetooth solution offered by this headphone is the blessing of Qualcomm QCC3026. Hence, it supports the updated Bluetooth 5.0 version. It works great even the distance is considerable. Indeed this attribute makes it a lovable piece. The power consumption and transfer speed are also commendable. The left and right headphones work independently thus provide with the ultimate user experience. It ensures better receiving capacity of the signaling along with a mind-blowing transmission capability. For this reason, synchronization is also much convenient. Another remarkable attribute of this set of headphones is secondary headphones never send any signal to the primary one. So, you can share the music individually. Even you can listen to music on a single side.

As per the sound quality, it offers a CVC microphone environment that comes with a unique noise reduction function. With this, when you make calls, the sound comes without any disturbances and naturally, it enhances the quality of the call.  Like other headphones from this manufacturer, it offers a satisfactory tonal quality as well. The headset comes with a composite biological vibration film. 

While listening in a lower or medium disc, you’ll get a more satisfactory result. The bass is simply wow and its indeed good news for the bass-lovers. The mid-frequency and bass relation is simply something more than perfect. The high frequency offers a satisfactory music sensation. The only downside is the force sharpening attributes of the images. Categorically, these earphones are the best fit for those who are the crazy fans of hip-hop and rock music.  The voice details come with superfine quality. 

Edifier TSW 5 Review


You can control the headset with the help of the touch panel. However, TWS5 works in a bit different way. The left and right year control the first and the last panel.  You can stop or resume playing music by clicking on both of the sides. However, there’s no dedicated key to adjust the volume. The touch operation is extremely smooth.

 As said before, the transmission functionalism of the Bluetooth is indeed enjoyable. Even there’s a wall in between, it won’t affect the agile transmission offered by this amazing headset.

Another magical weapon is the antenna, which looks like a laser shaped LSD. This works as the stimulator that assures the seamless connectivity. In this matter, it has undoubtedly left its preceders far behind. Listening to the songs and watching great movies has never been so enjoyable before using these headphones. 

However, while playing games, it might fail to produce the desired result. Another negligible downside is the APTX that is literally low in terms of latency. Each broadcast will carry a boom along with it. However, for a good quality Bluetooth headset, these things don’t leave a greater impact. Upon successful connection, the indicators flash efficiently, however it can irritate your roomies in the night. This area needs a little improvement.

Edifier TSW 5 Review

Comfort and Innovation

When it comes to comfort, this headphone is simply unbeatable. Easy to carry, good sound quality and perfect fit in the ears makes it stand outside the crowd when it comes to the comfort parameters. The charging is also easy. To become fully charged up, it takes around 1.5 hours maximum. 

Also, regular sweating or drizzling rain can’t affect the well being of the headphones. It provides the utmost comfort when you wear it for a longer duration. The only feature that carries a bit of discomfort is the flashlight. You can’t turn it off while in use. 

The list of innovations is quite attractive. Unique ease of accessibility, awesome bass, clear calling quality – these are some innovative features that worth a mention.


If you are a crazy lover of hip-hop and rock music, the TWS 5 True Wireless Earbuds is meant for you. But what if you’re not? Well, still it can deserve a place on the list of the cool gadgets that you’d love to buy this year, This is because of its extraordinary features, awesome performance and out of the box attributes like the great capability of connectivity and notably good performance. So, if you’re wondering about getting one, trust me, you won’t regret your decision. So, let’s go ahead and give this a try and wait for the next surprise from Edifier!