DBD marks 8th anniversary with D&D, Castlevania, & more 26

DBD marks 8th anniversary with D&D, Castlevania, & more

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Montreal-based Behaviour Interactive has revealed a slew of details about upcoming Dead by Daylight crossovers, spin-offs, and a new game mode.

In a special 8th-anniversary stream, Canada’s largest independent developer offered a deep dive into what’s next for the massively popular multiplayer survival horror game.

First, the developer says a 2v8 mode will come by the end of summer. The mode, which has been highly requested by fans, will see two Killers facing off against eight Survivors.

To further shake things up, this mode will do away with Perks to instead feature class-based Killers with their team-based powers, such as Wraith’s ability to cloak both himself and his ally. This mode will start with five original DbD Killers, but the goal is to eventually add all of the game’s Killers.

Next up is a Dungeons & Dragons crossover, which brings dark fantasy to the world of DbD for the first time. As part of this collaboration with Wizards of the Coast, iconic D&D villain Vecna (voiced by Critical Role‘s Matthew Mercer) will be added as a new Killer. Notably, the undead Lich will have four spells he can use, including flight, skeletal projectiles, a spectral hand to move pallets and a sphere that can detect and dispel magical effects.

That last ability is key because whenever Vecna is in a match, the Survivors will be able to find special chests in the map that grant them magical abilities. In a fun nod to D&D, you’ll have to roll a 20-sided die upon opening them, and positive rolls will give you special items that counter Vecna’s spells. As for a Critical Failure roll? Behaviour simply teases that you’ll receive a “nasty surprise.”

Joining Vecna is a new D&D Survivor, a bard, which you can choose to be a human male named Baermar Uraz or a female elf named Aestri Yazar. A D&D-themed dungeon will also serve as the new map from the franchise, and Behaviour promises “tons” of easter eggs in it. The D&D crossover will launch on June 3rd.

In another surprise, Behaviour has shadow-dropped What the Fog, a new PC two-person co-op roguelite set in the DbD universe. The game sees Claudette and Dwight getting sucked into a cursed board game where they become cartoonish characters and have to fight in real-time combat (using swords, bows, magic, and more) to repair the generators and escape. The game is free to anyone with a Behaviour account (for the first two million copies) or sold separately for $4.99 USD (about $7 CAD) on Steam.

Behaviour also showed new footage from two other DbD spin-offs, this fall’s The Casting of Frank Stone (a choose-your-own-adventure game about a serial killer from Until Dawn maker Supermassive) and the more mysterious Project T, a PvE action shooter that’s being made by Seattle-based Behaviour subsidiary Midwinter.

Finally, Behaviour teased perhaps one of its coolest crossovers to date: a partnership with Konami on the legendary Castlevania series. However, the company was coy on any further details (including which Belmont vampire hunter may be featured as a Survivor) and instead says to stay tuned for more on August 6th.

Dead by Daylight is available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC. Image credit: Behaviour Interactive.