Cubinet Launched Mobile Dancing Game - Love Dance 14

Cubinet Launched Mobile Dancing Game – Love Dance

Cubinet Interactive recently launched their first mobile game in the market. Love Dance is a mobile dancing and social game which carries a real time communication platform including voice messaging.

Game Mode: Dance Battle
The Dance Battle Mode where multiplayer battles are being held. Minimum players for the Dance Battle Mode is 2 while the maximum is 4.

  • Bubble – Tap, drag or hold the bubbles when halo shrinks to the edge for perfect timing
  • Classic – Tap

Key Types: Bubble
Tap, drag or hold the bubbles when halo shrinks to the edge for perfect timing

  • Modes: PK, Love, Normal

Key Types: Classic
Tap on the arrow keys and hit the beat when the meter gets to the beat marker.

  • Modes: PK and Normal
  • The Waiting Room
  • Room master can set up the game mode, map and songs that they’re going to use for match.
  • Players can dress up, interact and consume buff items inside the waiting room

Waiting Room Interface:

  • Game Mode
  • Song List
  • Buffs Items
  • Game Maps

Game Mode: Red Carpet
Players must complete a series of checkpoints in order to battle out with the boss. Defeating the boss will open the next stage. Completing checkpoints and stages rewards players with game items, coins, diamonds and achievements.

User Profile

  • User profile serves as player’s identification. Character info including name, game ID number, sign, crew, levels and photos can be seen here.
  • Players can upload a few photos and select one that they will use as display.

Crew Section

  • Dance crew system is similar to guild system in average games, a platform for all players to communicate and interact. Dance crew leaders and vice leader could organize and manage players to pursue the same objective.
  • Every dance crew has a maximum limit of members depending on the crew level.
    • Level 1 Crew – Maximum of 30 members
    • Level 2 Crew – Maximum of 50 members
    • Level 3 Crew – Maximum of 70 members
  • Dance crews also have their own item mall. Items you can purchase from the Crew Mall depends on the amount of your contribution

Friends and Fans

  • Friend List is considered as your in-game phonebook.
  • Friend List is divided into three groups:
    • Friends – Where all your actual and added friends in-game appear
    • Follow – Names of players that you are following appear here
    • Fans – Names of players who follow you appear in this section

Voice Chat
Messages on Love Dance isn’t limited to normal chat messaging, the games boasts a voice chat system wherein you can send recorded messages to other players who are online.

Couple and Marriage System

  • You are free to marry anyone in-game regardless of the gender.
  • Improving your intimacy will make a couple eligible for the marriage.


  • The in-game shop enables the users to purchase fashion items and consumables using coins and diamonds.
  • Some items can only be purchased by those who availed of the VIP packages
  • You can also gift your friends fashion items and consumables from the shop


  • You can forge special items by acquiring all the required materials
  • Blueprints are being sold in the Shop
  • Some materials can be acquired through the Red Carpet and decomposing.

Log-in Rewards: Daily Attendance
Players can acquire free items through Daily Log-in the system will give you free items once you log-in everyday.

Log-in Rewards: Time Log-in
This system will compute the time you stayed in-game and rewards you free items once a player reach the time expected.

Chance: Raffle

  • The Love Dance Raffle consists of different types of items such as consumables and fashion items. If you’re lucky enough, you might win permanent and legendary items.
  • Raffle tickets, coins and diamonds are used for the draw
  • Prize pool is random
  • Use diamonds if you want to refresh the prize pool
  • Prize pool automatically refreshes after 6 draws

Chance: Wishing Pond

  • This feature allows you to get a chance to get items by wishing.
  • You are given 5 free wishes per day for the M-coin pond and 1 wish for the diamond pond.
  • Coins and diamonds can be used if the free wishes run out.
  • Prizes range from consumables to legendary fashion items.

Game Rankings

  • Love Dance ranking is classified into 3 types: Growth, Strength and Interaction
  • Growth: Fashion, charm, level and dance crew rankings
  • Strength: Total score, wealth, winnings
  • Interaction: Fans

Couple Ranking

  • Couple Ranking shows the list of married couple and those who are still in the process of gaining some blessings.
  • Couples are being ranked according to the number of hearts they acquire in-game through Love Dance Mode.
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