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Thermalright Macho Rev B Review

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Any computer gaming fan would appreciate the need for a high-performing hardware to suit his or her virtual stunts. You would like to have the best of processors and graphics cards to accentuate the ample physical memory and other highly responsive hardware. If you are a diehard gamer intending to use the same system for a period of time, you would like to ensure that your processor is well protected from overheating. Overheating can significantly affect the performance of the processor causing the computer to appear sluggish and at times abruptly shut down. In fact, continuous overheating is also known to reduce the longevity of the processor. To avoid this, you will have to make sure that the cooler is also efficient like the processor in your computer. Thermalright is known for manufacturing computer cooling systems. Here we will look into their latest cooling system, the Macho Rev B. The company claims that this cooler is the best for gamers and overclockers. Let us check if their claim is right. Once this review is over I am sure you can come to a conclusion about this computer cooler.


Design and Build

First, let us see how the Thermalright Macho Rev B is designed. You can say that this model is ‘fanless’ because the Thermalright Macho Rev B can also be used without the fan. Since the Thermalright TY-147A fan that comes with the cooler is an ultra-low-noise model, the cooler does not make any noise. Multiple product support is always good and Thermalright Macho Rev B also comes with multiple bracket systems to work with AMD and Intel processors. The copper base of the Macho Rev B is enlarged in order to ensure the contact with the processors. For proper ventilation, the fins come with holes. The heat pipes and base are made from nickel coated copper to give sturdy design and the fins are made of aluminium.

Technical Specification
The dimensions of this cooler (or you can even say the dimensions of the heat sink) are 140 mm x 102 mm x 162 mm and it weighs about 720 grams. The dimensions of the fan are 152 mm x 140 mm x 26.5 mm (L x W x H) and weighs just 160 grams. The RPM range is also improved when compared to the previous model. The TY-147A fan has an improved RPM range of 300 to 1300 compared to the previous model (Thermalright TV-147). Loudness level of the noise falls in between 15 to 21 dBA. The CFM range of air flow is from 16.9 to 73.6. The dimensions of the head pipe are 6 x 6mm. The size of the fan included in the cooler is 140mm.


  • The ultra-low-noise is accomplished by bringing the minimum value of the RPM range down to 300 from 900 which was the case of its predecessor. The fan used in previous models was Thermalright TV-147 which had an RPM range of 900 to 1300.
  • Use of Enhanced hyper flow bearings in the TY-147A fans makes them quieter.
  • The 31 aluminium fins used are black anodized and has the distance of 4 mm between them.
  • The 6 mm heat pipes that are of nickel-plated copper facilitate the heat transfer from the CPU to the aluminium fins.
  • The fins in the heat sink have small stampings so that the cooling process happens efficiently by increasing the air flow through the radiator.
  • The sixty tabs that are cut into the fins ensure the air flow from the fan.
  • The fins are arranged in a way that the cooler will not cause any hindrance in the function of RAM.
  • The Macho Rev B comes with a larger Haswell-E optimized base compared to its predecessor in order to support the LGA 2011-v3 processor generation.


Thermalright Macho Rev B supports both Intel and AMD motherboards (Intel sockets supported are LGA 775/1150/1151/1155/1156/1366/2011/2011-3 and AMD sockets supported are AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/ FM1/FM2/FM2+). The kit comes with necessary spacers for AMD and needed screws. The size of the spacer is different for AMD and Intel. The one used for AMD will be little larger than that of Intel. The screws come attached to the back plate. Four rubber pads are also included so that while assembling it can be attached to the plate to prevent vibration. A magnetic screwdriver comes with this pack as a compliment and is a surprise for many. The screwdriver is a necessary for assembling this cooler and is useful even after that.

Now, let us try to understand how well the Thermalright Macho Rev B performs with all these features in the worst conditions. The process starts with assembling the cooler and fitting it to the motherboard. You do not have to worry about the installation because the manufacturer has included the installation manual with the pack. If you do not know about mounting, you just have to follow the guidelines in the manual. The 140mm fan is connected to the motherboard using a PWM connector that is provided with the product.
About the cooling performance, the tests showed that the cooler gives the same temperature in the idle state and in the overclocked state. This means the Thermalright Macho Rev B computer cooler is up to the mark.



  • Make sure that you have taken out the plastic paper from the base plate before fitting the radiator.
  • Before ordering this product check whether your CPU tower has enough space to hold this cooler.

If you ask me, the Thermalright Macho Rev B is a runaway winner in cooling performance, easy mounting, and is a low-noise computer cooler. The only negative that you may find is that the fan clip does now work with other fans (be it 140mm or 120mm), but that can be overlooked since this clip is designed for this piece. In terms of aesthetics also this is better than its predecessor. The black anodized fins and nickel plated heat pipes make the Thermalright Macho Rev B more appealing. By marketing this Thermalright Macho Rev B, the company is definitely in the right path in this field and is bound to create a name for them in this business.

Check out the Thermalright website for their complete cooling lineup and their Facebook page for all the updates.

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