Thirty Day Kickstarter Campaign for GodZ

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GodZ, one of the main strategy game releases announced for Facebook in 2013, launched today, January 28th, in Kickstarter for a thirty days campaign. The goal is not just to get the £47000 ($75000) of funding, but also engage more gamers in this adventure that promises to be very challenging.

Pedro Fernandes, one of GodZ creators claims that Kickstarter is not only a way to get the funds needed to finish the project: “It’s a way do show GodZ to more people, allowing a wider engagement from all our community. Kickstarter has a big and very interesting community that can spread this project and take it further beyond. These are things that money can’t buy. Also Kickstarter will give our fans the opportunity to be an active part of this challenge”.

GodZ needs £47.000 ($75.000 or €55.000) to finish this adventure. These funds will be used to finish the first chapter’s art, to create de sound effects, to develop the desktop client and to promote the game. “An average social game’s production cost is about £125.000 ($200.000 or € 48.000)… in some cases, much more than that. We've got £78.000 ($125.000 or €93.000) from the NRSF and these fund was very important to get here. However the game art and gameplay can be greatly improved and, for that reason, we need all our fans, friends and followers to help. It doesn’t have to be much. £1 is enough. We have a very interesting facebook community, almost reaching 10.000 fans, and we want to increase these numbers. We know that GodZ is much awaited by our fans and Kickstarter is also another way to give exclusive rewards to all of them”, says Pedro Fernandes

All prizes are unique and exclusive. “Experiences that money can’t buy”, says GodZ creators and “anyone can be part of this adventure”. For only £1 (about $1.50 or €1.20) anyone can have their name on the special game credits list for backers and win 5 Ohras coins (game credits). If a backer wants to get more involved and be a beta tester, win an exclusive item, a digital copy of the desktop client, write game missions, see his name on an ingame avatar, name a region of GodZ world or get a Kesha’s Action Figure (Kesha is the God of Life). All of this and much more is at everybody's reach for a minimum of £30 ($47 or €40). This Kickstarter campaign will last for 30 days and started at January the 28th of 2013.

GodZ is in its final stage of development almost reaching the beta testing phase. Almost all the game design is completed as well as the art needed to start. “These last 6 months gave our team a very intense experience to finish the game’s production until the end of March. This is our first game, it's giving us a lot of work, but also much fun in doing it. It’s a great challenge. Our team is small but experienced and very talented. We're all gamers and willing to take the chance to follow this dream. It has been a wonderful experience.” Claims Pedro Lopes, Partner at Yucca Tech

GodZ is a strategy social game developed by YuccaTech. This project started as a simple idea 2 years ago and since then it has evolved to a mature project. In order to do it, we needed to get funded and put together the perfect team. In July 2012, the development started and now GodZ needs it's last push to became, as its creators claim, a new way to make social games without losing the hard-core experience. “GodZ will be the proof that social games can be fun, engaging but also daring. Enough of no brainer games to click your way through. GodZ will have a story, you'll need strategy and every player will have to use his brain to play it. More than half of Facebook's users regularly play social games, but, there aren’t many games released with the hard core gamer in mind. GodZ is that game, and, if given the chance, will bring these players what they've been waiting for”, says Pedro Lopes.

To know more about this project on Kickstarter click here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/881696253/godz-unleash-your-power?ref=live