DELL 2716DG Gaming Monitor Review 7

DELL 2716DG Gaming Monitor Review

Gaming is a true fun and when you have the right accessories needed for your computer gaming, you can get a better experience. Here is a review of a gaming monitor from Dell.

When you plan to shop for a gaming monitor, most experts recommend you to consider the refresh rate. It is generally stated as an important consideration and higher the rate better will be the performance of the monitor. On this criterion, we checked out the Dell S2716DG gaming monitor as we have a great interest towards computer games. Yes, this 27-inch monitor from Dell boasts a 144 Hz refresh rate. Also, it comes with Nvidia’s G-Sync Technology that ensures tear-free and smooth gameplay every time. Some games need fast actions and this monitor can rightly meet your requirement in this regard as it boasts a one-millisecond response time to ensure quicker gaming. What more I experienced from this monitor from Dell, please read my review of this monitor to learn more:


As I have the habit of shopping for latest gaming monitors every now and then, I generally conduct a complete test of each and every aspect of the monitor before penning my review. A series of Lagom Contrast tests were conducted on the monitor and this was done to identify the contrast performance of the monitor from Dell. I found that the performance of the monitor on the contrast gradients was very good with distinctive brightness. Also, a black level test was conducted and here too performance was very good. Against the black background, all blocks were distinctive. In addition, the performance of the monitor on the white saturation test was also considerable.


As far as the design aspect of Dell S2716DG gaming monitor is concerned, it has a very solid design. The monitor comes with a security lock slot and a tilt stand. Not just tilt motion, but also height adjustment, pivot and swivel movements are also possible. You can hook up the monitor to your PC through the DP1.2 and can still add another secondary device like your gaming console through HDMI. This means that simultaneous entertainment is possible with this unit. As the monitor is made to move, you can choose the ideal viewing position for uninterrupted gaming for longer hours. It is also VESA compatible for easy wall mounting. In short, the monitor is engineered to elevate the way in which you game.

How about built?

Even though the stand that comes with the monitor is the standard Dell model, it is decent with a circular hole to run cables. This stand holds the screen firmly and permits swivel, lifting, tilting and rotating motions as I mentioned earlier. More importantly, it has a better built as compared to most other monitors available in the market. From the typical matte finish that can be found in most monitors, this unit comes with a glossy back panel, which I loved the most as it is different from regular gaming monitors. As usual, connectivity is good in this Dell monitor as well. The monitor boasts both HDMI and DisplayPort Connections, apart from the USB 3.0 ports, present two on the side and a couple on the back. Now, it is time to explore the features of this Dell Monitor.

dell2716dgbCrisp QHD Resolution:

The Dell S2716DG gaming monitor comes with crisp QHD Resolution. This means that it has 3.68 million pixels, which will give you an unbelievable two times higher picture quality as compared to a monitor with full HD resolution. I was really stunned with the resolution.

Real buttons:

When most monitor manufacturers have switched to touch sensitive controls, Dell continues to provide real buttons. Even though touch sensitive buttons are futuristic, they are highly frustrating for me at times. The on-screen display controls in this gaming monitor from Dell has distinctive bumps. Also, they need a little bit of pressure to activate. This means that accident shutting down of monitor due to unintentional touch will be eliminated.


You can experience undistorted and sharp moving objects on the screen due to the presence of NVIDIA G-Sync technology. Also, the fastest refresh rate ensures sharp and jitter-free graphics. These features, in turn, reduce motion blur and it can be said that motion blur is completed eliminated. Also, you can enjoy a stunning edge-to-edge gameplay due to the QHD Resolution.

dell2716dgcAdvanced exchange service:

Dell offers Advanced Exchange Service for this monitor, which will reduce your gaming downtime. Yes, with this service, you can be assured that you will get the replacement monitor shipped to you in the next business day within the limited warranty period that comes along with this monitor. The advanced exchange service is available for three years, which is highly appreciable.

On-screen display options:

With this monitor, you can adjust the contrast and also brightness from 0 to 100 and also you will see that there are custom RGB, cool and warm color profiles. You can also switch between normal and fast response times and even you can reset the monitor to factory defaults apart from other controls available like on-screen display sleep times and shortcut keys.

dell2716dgdShould you buy Dell S2716DG monitor?

As far as the looks are concerned, the monitor has a great look and also each and every feature that a gamer would expect from a gaming monitor is present in this monitor. The 2560 x 1440 resolution, combined with the G-sync feature makes each and every game sharp and smooth. Also, I should mention about the ports that offer plenty of movement and also easy setup and management are highly appreciable.

As far as the quality of the image is concerned, it is decent and the color accuracy and contrast are really good. I should mention about the good viewing angles and uniformity. With these things, you can very well opt for this gaming laptop to quench your thirst towards gaming.


The screens from Dell always deliver impressive benchmark and this monitor has no exception to this rule. The input lag and solid uniformity are worth to mention. Also, the good features and the resolution lead the way towards shopping for this gaming monitor without any hesitation whatsoever.

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