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Persona 5 Review

Persona 5 is your kind of game that evolves around a bunch of school kids. The story is about their external and internal conflicts in their troubled life. They are normal children from the outset, but they have powers that can enable them to enter someone’s heart. The source of their power? The Persona.  

This is the not the first time, that we have been amazed with the quality of the graphics and visuals. In general the graphics are just awesome. With artistic designs and proper detailing, this game has really set its own standard for the games to come. This game is for now available for PS4 and PS3.

The story evolves throughout the year and your goal is to save the world and balance your high school life simultaneously. You are set to live in café Leblanc and you can explore in the areas of Greater Toky. You can do jobs, play games, visit restaurants, have friends, basically you can do any activity you want in your daily day life.

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You can select your difficulty level to any one of the 4 modes available and depending on that you can gain exp points, money and even your damage counter will be different.

The dungeons in the persona 5 are made out of the previous reviews. They have unique puzzles, traps and stealth that you will need to deal with to cross the palace and proceed to the next level. And if you fail! Well, it will be Game Over.

The players can engage themselves with Shadows using weapons and melee but strategically. You will need to use your persona to fight against shadows and bosses. The UI for the fighting mode has been improved quite a lot and the players can now easily use their commands with the shortcuts available on the screen.

Well, the sound tracks included in the game are just too good. The classic musics included are really over the par and gives the players another reason to play the game all along. Well, the music composition, the lyrics and the quality of the sound is just amazing and you will surely enjoy the tracks.

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The story evolves around a schoolboy, 16 years of age and he has recently been transferred in the Shujin Academy of Tokyo.

Well, the story starts with the boy fighting with a man who has been harassing a woman. He beat the man very badly and now he has been sent to Tokyo from probation and he joins the Shujin.

He stays in a shop named café Leblanc. Here he meets with other characters  and gets a pet who looks like a cat or something, Morgana. The boy also finds out a place known to be as Velvet room.

During his stay at that place, he along with his 3 friends forms a group known as “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”. Well, they start exploring the Palace and starts with the illegal heists to achieve their goal and their journey begins to find the hidden treasure and put things back to normal.

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Their work starts with their teacher, Suguru Kamoshidahe sexually assaults his student and eventually the thieves successfully reformed his heart back to the normal

In the later part of the game, you will be joined by several people and they will also face their own set of targets. Even the detective joins the “phantom thieves”

Well, there are many players who would have liked this game to be all new and all different Baton Touch

Ann using Baton Pass to give her turn to Ryuji. Well, when you knock down an enemy, there is a new thing pops up.

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If all the enemy bases get down, the situation will be “Hold Up”. In this situation, you can either choose to negotiate, or you can initiate an all out attack.

Negotiation: Well, this is a very good gameplay that has been included in this version too. You need to negotiate for the money, item and persona.

All-Out Attack: if you want to damage your enemy base as much as possible, then it is time to go for an all out attack. Here all the members of the same party will attack and if all the enemies are defeated, the game ends in a positive way.

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What is new in persona 5?

  • The location of the Persona 5 is real this time. It is in Tokyo. The whole game is based on the real life of Tokyo.
  • The dates in the games go fine with the calendar of 2016 but the year column in the game is displayed as 20XX which leaves the year ambiguous.
  • The game is quite a long than its previous versions. According to the experts you can enjoy the game for 80 long hours.
  • This game includes Psy and Nuclear elemental skills and also dark skills.
  • Arcana will write in French rather than English and she does that according to her origin.
  • The game play, graphics, sound quality and visual effects are really good.

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So, you want to try the persona 5? Now that you know how you can enjoy your game out and the probable ways to top the list of the players. The game is situated in a new place and every other thing is pretty much fishy out here. So, if you are really willing to take the risk and looking to cut down the crap, then it is time for you to start with the processing this year.

All said and done, this game is such that, even though critics say it is good or bad. So, what are you waiting for? Get your persona today and show the world how good and efficient a player you are.

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