Rituals for Successful Upgrade/Craft on MMO's 12

Rituals for Successful Upgrade/Craft on MMO’s

I’m sure most of you guys can relate on this situations. I believe it’s not only me who follow these strange rituals  and I actually find it quite amusing and funny at the same time. Let me just clarify that all written below have no proof that it works, but in some strange phenomena, sometimes they do.

  1. Let’s start by logging out and logging in, one of the most old school superstitious belief.
  2. If the game you’re playing have lots of channels. Don’t go to the most crowded ones, some say that it will lower your chance for upgrading/crafting to be successful, since crowded channel means there are so many people online and upgrading/crafting stuffs at the same time.
  3. You have to be on the same place on the same map where you successfully upgrade/craft an old item. If the MMORPG you’re playing have X and Y coordinates system, that’s much easier. And I literally mean exactly the “same place” not only in MMORPG’s but in real life as well.
  4. Go to the most secluded area on the map, drop the item you wish to upgrade on the ground and pick it up real fast or let it stay on the ground for about 3 seconds. Its a really big challenge, and a really strange ritual, especially if you don’t know someone is already following you and just waiting for the right moment.
  5. Make sure you’re in a great mood, feeling lucky and all that stuff.
  6. If the game doesn’t have bound item system. You can ask your most believe lucky friend to upgrade/craft the item for you. The good thing about this, is when it fails, you can just blame your friend that you can actually think that you’re luckier than him/her.
  7. Don’t let anyone see you crafting/upgrading stuffs, like a friend beside you, or girlfriend/boyfriend flirting you, etc. It should be a noise free environment.
  8. Are you afraid of the dark? Well you should try and turn off that lights, might work. Be a man and click that “OK!” button.
  9. You might want to close your eyes first before you click the “OK!” button, maybe the game hates excited people.
  10. Pray to the God of Video Games, Lady luck or any creatures that you think can give you luck, if they exist. But I’m sure God exist and he understands, you can ask for a little luck.

I will be honest; I still do these stuffs, except number 4. I wouldn’t be too sure about my environment, some may call it stupid, and yes it is. But hey! We’re serious about our items, especially if the chance of success is so low and there’s a big chance that if it fails, it will be gone forever.  If we succeed, that’s great. If we don’t, our friends will just laugh on how we failed. I believe there’s no harm doing it right? It’s actually fun to make stupid and weird things once in a while. What matters most is you successfully craft and upgrade your item in any way you desire. That’s what always good video games are for, the SUSPENSE!