Ragnarok Online is back on Mobile 13

Ragnarok Online is back on Mobile

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If you’ve ever had any experience with Raganarok before, then you know for sure what adventure means. Now imagine enjoying the game on your phone, courtesy of Ragnarok Mobile or in simple words, imagine playing the mobile version of Ragnarok mobile. It is an experience like no other. Here’s what to expect.

Different gaming platform but the same gaming experience

Think of it as adventure in the palm of your hands.  The in game features and contents of the mobile version are pretty much the same as what you stand to benefit from the PC version. Skills, emotes and enhancements are all there.  What will motivate you to play the game on the mobile version will have everything to do with nostalgia. That is, you will want to reminisce and relive the experience you got from the PC version.

Ragnarok Online is back on Mobile 15

There is something too for newbie players and avid gamers who haven’t had any experience with Ragnarok before. The leveling systems as well as the playing system are both easy to understand. Expect a few challenges though.  For instance, you will have to reach level 10 so as to change job and later on add skill points.  Expect too to encounter quests that will call for more grinding and slaying of monsters.  This will force you to spend more time moving from one point to another just to complete one quest. Then there is the fact that the quest line follows the PC version. Your prowess might therefore be different if you are used to playing games on the PC.

The overall experience

This is where things get interesting. First off, Ragnarok’s content is for the mobile version is centered, pretty much like most MMORPG Games are. Ragnarok mobile is slightly different though. It focuses mostly on the PVE content which will allow you to attempt unlocking all feature that come along with the mobile version.  You can easily unlock farming and other quests for enhancement. That means you can launch PVE rains or even take down the world boss when they are ready for action. It gets better with that the fact that soon, there will be more features to make the game livelier.

Ragnarok Online is back on Mobile 17

You certainly won’t enjoy playing a poorly designed game. Ragnarok mobile does not disappoint in that regard. As a matter of fact, the scenes in both Ragnarok mobile and Ragnarok PC have been described by many as breathtaking. The main scenes are in the wild and in small towns. You can only unlock the next game map after you have completed a given number of quests in the previous game map. Each map comes with its own special and unique styles for you to discover. Complete quests and you get to explore Ragnarok mobile to the fullest.  Keep in mind each scene is different from another.

Pay to pay Vs Pay to Win

Nearly all Chinese mobile games feature advanced methods of promoting their games as well as encouraging players to spend money. Ragnarok mobile is no different.  You will love their approach to money as they do not force you to spend. You will however, spend on the following:

  • Monthly VIP – Mention the word VIP anywhere and the first thing one is likely to think of is premium treatment. That is exactly what happens with Ragnarok mobile. Purchase monthly VIP and you can be sure of several perks in hunting which can in turn guarantee extra perks to make you enjoy the game more.
  • Leveling bonuses – You might not like the slow leveling system that comes with the game. But you will enjoy your travels. The only flipside here is that the leveling will be slow. With leveling bonuses therefore, you can move up extra levels with ease. This turns the game into a pay win mode which is still worth it as you get to enjoy each level.

Ragnarok Online is back on Mobile 23

Some problems that you can expect

  • Game occupies about 2GB space; therefore, ensure you have enough space on your mobile before installing the app.
  • Sometimes, after the download is complete, the APK game app does not open. In these cases, you have to uninstall and then download the file once again to remove in the game.
  • While opening the app, you will see that the game takes a long time to load. You have to develop patience and be prepared for this delay. If there is a full black screen on your mobile when you touch the app, you can exit the same and re-launch it once again.
  • You may lose connection to the game often, if your internet connection is not fast enough.

Ragnarok is not by any chance an ordinary game. In fact, it is not for the faint hearted or the amarteur gamer. It is by both design and default for special gamers with a knack for hard to tackle challenges. You move an extra level and get bombarded with out of this world challenges. It gets better with the fact that the graphics are way out of this world. The game is in very simple words, worth your time as well as money.