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Gunnar Axial & Valve Review

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Gunnar Optiks always tries to introduce something new for the users that can enhance their performance and prevent their eyes. It seems quite exciting whenever we get a chance of reviewing new glasses from this brand. You know that you will get a high-quality product, but you don’t know what to expect. Though, one thing is sure that you will get something impressive for your eyesight while you are working. You can expect the glasses to offer improved protection, especially when you work on your PC the whole day. The Axial and Valve are the latest computer eyewear introduced by the Gunnar Optiks. Let’s reveal what special glasses offering to protect your eyes with our Gunnar Valve and Gunnar Axial review.

Gunnar Optiks does not like to make too many changes in the designs of its glasses. However, this time you will get the Axial with a thicker black rim which will seem different from what usually Gunnar provides. The denser plastic mold ensures that the user can maintain these glasses for a long time, even if he or she drops or accidentally throws the glasses. The tipless temples look more attractive because of their rounded shape at the ends. The metal hinges are used to improve the strength of the whole frame.

Gunnar Valve Review

The previous products from Gunnar did not have the circular pattern of the lenses and rims, but this time the Axial looks slightly better than the standard pair of glasses launched by Gunnar Optiks. Undoubtedly it is one of the most durable computer eyewear introduced by Gunnar Optiks. Impressive build quality and the use of quality materials ensure that the glasses will last longer than ordinary computer eyewear glasses. So, if you are seeking highly durable glasses, then the Gunnar Axial is a great choice to buy.


Along with highly impressive design, the Gunnar Axial also seems perfect in terms of performance. It is equipped with i-AMP lens technology that works to soften the light emitted from the computer monitors and portable devices like smartphones and tabs. In addition, it also enhances the brightness while you work on the PC. In simple words, the Axial lenses dull the bright source of light and enhances the brightness of surrounding objects to offer a great balance of brightness. Thus, your eyes do not face any sort of strain and remain safe while you spend hours by working on the computer.

Although i-AMP lens technology is great and works effectively to protect your eyes, but the frame is not quite pleasing for all the users. According to some buyers, the Gunnar Axial’s frame is not a perfect one for the people with larger heads. It is best suited for people with smaller heads, kids, and teenagers. The Axial’s frame may feel a bit snug to people with average adult head size. Buying the Gunnar Axial for the kids, who love to work on the laptop or PC would be a great idea. You should rethink about it if you are an adult.

Gunnar Axial Review

The Gunnar Valve

Design and build

Let’s talk about Gunnar Valve that promises to be an amazing support for healthy eyes. It has a gray colored rim that looks lighter than the Gunnar Axial. Gunnar Optiks has again used high-quality plastic mold to produce a robust frame. It completely wraps around the head to offer a better vision. This particular pair of glasses sits perfectly on the side of the skull. The user does not feel extra stress over the ears due to putting on the glasses for a long time. Do not think that these glasses will fit more tightly and cause discomfort.

The Valve will make you feel comfortable. Its rectangular lenses are very different from what you get with Axial. There are no nose pieces because this eyewear rests perfectly onto the face. The rectangular lenses of Valve make it look more impressive than Axial. However, some individuals may prefer rounded lenses. Unlike Axial, Valve has a frame that would meet all the demands of an adult user. Anybody can try it to prevent eyestrain while working on the computer.


If you are willing to get a different pair of lenses than Axial, then do not wish that. Gunnar Optiks has used the same i-AMP technology equipped lenses to protect your eyes. What makes these lenses different is their wider shape. The user can have a wider view while working on the PC, using the smartphone, or playing games on the TV. Some of you may also find Valve similar to workman’s glasses because of its wide lenses. People often use such lenses while they work in machine shops. The Gunnar Optiks might have tried to provide the users a pair of glasses that looks modern and more professional. So, if you work for a software firm or any other firm where you need to spend hours in front of the computer monitor, then buy Gunnar Valve.

Gunnar Valve Review

Notable Features of Gunnar Axial & Valve

Gunnar Axial

  • Equipped with top grade nylon frame polymers for increased durability.
  • An unobstructed panoramic field of view created by the lenses is simply impressive.
  • The nose rests are curved to distribute weight evenly.
  • Equipped with patented Gunnar lenses.

Gunnar Valve

  • Durable frame.
  • Wide rectangular lenses for a wider view.
  • Anti-reflective lens coating.
  • It is an Asian fit compatible pair of computer eyewear.
Gunnar Axial Review

Whether you are willing to buy Gunnar Axial or Gunnar Valve, you should carefully consider all the features. Although these glasses have a few drawbacks related to their size, their build quality is awesome. Gunnar Optiks understands all the requirements of the computer users, smartphone users, and the gamers. Both glasses are designed to protect the user’s eyes from the computer monitor. It is well-known fact that soon you may face some eye issues, if you regularly work on the computer for hours. Your eyesight may reduce very quickly and therefore you should try Gunnar Axial or Gunnar Valve to protect your eyes.

Gunnar Axial & Valve Review 24
Gunnar Axial & Valve Review
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