Merge VR Review 12

Merge VR Review

The Merge VR is the comfortable and reliable headset that I found it as a very durable and inexpensive headset. The headset contains soft foam and it fits on any type of face. This lightweight, durable and comfy headset is definitely the best choice, but only the problem is it is made of cardboard and it is not very strong. I cannot just toss the device in a bag easily. However, it is easy to clean, not just that, it is also compatible with iOS devices and Android devices from the past 2 years. This device offered me an alluring virtual veracity experience through my Smartphone.

What I liked most about Merge VR is it allowed me to use the device regularly and even when on the move without any fear of damage. The other best thing about the Merge VR Goggles is that most phones can easily fits in it, as I tried to fit Samsung S5, iPhone 5s, Samsung S4, etc, and they fit perfectly without any issue. However, I felt a little discomfort as I had to bend the headset a little to fit my phone in, but once it recuperated the shape, it easily trapped the phone inside.

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Design: – Size of Merge VR is 8.3 x 4.8 x 6.5 inches. The purple or violet foam frame is dense and 12 ounces. The material is lightweight, soft, squeezable, durable, foam. The frame is antimicrobial thus no one can become sick by sharing. Two buttons on the outside for placing lenses and bumpers on the sides. There is a black and gray merge logo on top of front panel. The headset is big, irregular polygon. When squished it returns to shape. This design provides the greatest comfort. Removing phone’s camera augmented reality is exposed. Slot behind faceplate is where the phone is inserted. There are Smartphone ports on sides. Two holes present on top allow circulation to prevent fogging. Merge VR Goggles sits securely on one’s head using a pair of black bands that use Velcro. Horizontal strap stretches and sits comfortably on the head. Vertical, long band works with any hairstyle. Merge VR is easier to wear for a longer period of time than Gear VR. Merge VR Goggles supports AR (alternate reality) for seeing projected images in a real world. There is a removable window in front of Merge VR. The mobile solutions provide Merge VR Goggles.

Some of my friends felt that Merge VR Goggles is an ultra-portable device and they said they felt it as a safe and no fear of damage device even when it was accidently drops or scuffs, and it can be easily carried in a backpack, but this I wouldn’t recommend.  However, we can use the device regularly, and it is comfortable and durable because of the foam design used in the device.  The other interesting feature in this Merge VR is, it has two buttons on the top of the goggles, which allowed me to interact with my phone’s screen when I pressed these buttons.

Merge VR Review 15Games

  • InMind VR
  • Astro VR
  • Vanguard V


  • Jaunt – McCartney
  • MUSE Revolt on Vrse

VR Players

  • Jaunt
  • Vrse
  • Kolor Eyes 360 Player
  • Cardboard
  • inVR


  • YouVisit VR
  • Google Street View
  • Discovery VR
  • DinoTrek VR

Thrill Rides

  • Skydive 360
  • Crazy Swing
  • Roller Coaster
  • Cedar Point VR

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Performance:- Author played Snow Strike VR,”Other Space,” on Jaunt VR because the features are in Cardboard app and Oculus Store. The graphics on Merge VR were smooth and crisp.

Image quality is reliant on the app because this apps don’t run naturally in Merge VR instead they work on the device thus they are in HD resolution. Lenses distort the overall image and so when virtual reality is created the picture is perfect.  Again the top design can also be created if HD is perfectly maintained.

User-Friendly:- It is definitely a user-friendly device  as we can  explore far off lands, play game comfortably sitting in our home, and talented people like me can also watch on stage concerts while using the Merge VR.  This device also supports alternate reality (AR) experiences that allow the user to see the real world projected images. It definitely gives the best virtual experience compared to the most expensive devices that are available on the market.

Feedback: – Other than gaming or tech communities, many people do not know about the VR. Overall, the product is invaluable and has a good selling potential.

Negative: Merge VR Goggles and Smartphone enabled Goggles – The only method to change the new app is to remove the phone and kill the current app. When ready to quickly insert to the goggles so one does not miss anything. The process is not easy.

Usually, there should be a hub app that shows all the installed apps in a location or library. This way one can track or switch apps, then one would not have to pull out the phone. Hence this is a drawback of VR.

Another issue with Merge VR Goggles is that Company does not depend on app developers, but they make content that is emerging VR goggles. This leads to bad products that are shipped. If app developers did not see VR as a profitable venture they would develop for devices that would be better.

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Price: – Merge VR VRG01P Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone costs INR8,550/- in Amazon, India. Merge VR Goggles costs about $79. One can play games, visit far away countries from home, and watch concerts on stage. According to Jake Tucker, cheapest and easiest way to get a VR headset is by buying Cardboard. Presently the game website is selling the game for £49.99 on the Game website.

Conclusion: – Merge VR is the best Virtual Reality headset that is available on the market. It allowed me to enjoy virtual reality using my Smartphone sitting comfortably on my own couch. The Merge VR allowed me to play games, explore far off land, fly happily into space, and the best part is I could watch a concert from my own living room; of course, I need to download the app. The headset is made of lightweight, soft foam and any mobile device can fit in it comfortably and it can fit on any type of face easily. It is a durable, comfortable and easy to clean device. The Merge VR is just what I needed the most to spend some “me” time.

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