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The Jabra Evolve 65 is another professional Bluetooth headset from the house of Jabra that comes with world-class speakers that are great for both music and also for voice as well. The headset comes with an exclusive noise cancellation feature that helps you to enjoy quality music, even in crowded a noisy environments effectively. It almost secludes you from the outside and takes you into a separate world with you and your music alone. The wireless Bluetooth technology Jabra Evolve 65 offers you up to 30 meters of excellent connectivity with your desktop, mobile phones or tablet. The connection is also pretty much easy as all you need to do is simply tap your headset and the connection is made with the device using NFC.

The Jabra Evolve also comes with dual connectivity feature that helps you to connect two devices at the same time with your headset, so you can connect your tablet to hear your favorite music and also have your headset connected to your mobile phone when it rings. It also comes with a soft pouch and is specially built to provide ultimate style and comfort.


The Bluetooth wireless headset is made using high-quality materials including top-class and lightweight plastic to provide a headset that is not heavier on your head. You don’t feel so much weight on your head, even after using the headset for long periods of time. Unlike most of the wireless headsets, which tend to express its weight after a period of time, the Jabra Evolve 65 doesn’t feel that way, as you can hardly notice that you have one on your head. The plastic headband is highly durable and can withstand all kinds of bending and flexing without getting any sort of damage.

The ear pads on the Evolve 65 are soft and don’t create a lot of pressure on your ears, but only provides a lot of comfort on your ears with its exclusive passive noise cancellation feature. Even though it is not that much more effective like the active voice cancellation technology, but since with some sort of voice cancellation, you can be happy that you won’t hear much of outside noise in your ears. All controls are provided on the right ear pad including the volume control, the charging port (MicroUSB), on and off switch, indicator lights, the busy light indicator along with the multi-function button.

The Evolve 65 from Jabra comes with a lot of options to customize the headset according to the way you want. The microphone arm can bend both ways, enabling you to use it either in your left ear or right ear. It can also be bent to have it either closer to your mouth or away from it when you are in a conference meeting. When the microphone is not in use, it can be safely placed in the headband with the help of a magnetic groove.

Sound Quality

When it comes to headphones, the sound quality is one of the most important features that everyone looks forward to. Even though you can’t expect an audiophile in your ears with the Evolve 65, it can definitely provide some quality music to relax yourself during your travel or listening to music in your office environment without hearing all the noise of your co-workers.

The Evolve 65 reproduce the mid and mid-low sounds beautiful, but you may notice some issues in the low and high end, but only if you really wanted to find if there is an issue in that after reading this review. Otherwise, there is no noticeable drag in the sound quality at all times. But since these come only with a passive noise cancellation feature, you might need to increase the volume up a bit than headsets having active noise cancellation features.

Battery Life

The battery life is pretty decent with the Evolve 65 as you can continuously use them non-stop for almost 4-5 hours, even though the official battery life was specified was around to be 10 hours. But if you are using the headset at times during the day, it can easily get you with quality music for the entire day and have some power to get you through the journey home as well.

Even if you forgot to charge the headset and want to use it right away, don’t worry, as you can use either as a Bluetooth headset or use a wired set by charging using a USB cable and using the headset simultaneously.


The Jabra Evolve 65 is specially designed to provide a plug and play connectivity and is compatible with almost all types of mobile phone, tablet, desktop and laptops having Bluetooth connectivity options. It is pretty much easy to set up the Bluetooth headset with any device quickly and with the NFC connectivity feature, you just need to tap the headset to begin the connectivity.

The Jabra 65 provides maximum performance and the audio quality is crystal clear and sharp at all times. Unless you have a lot of noise pretty much closer to you, the passive noise cancellation eliminates all unwanted noise to enable you to hear quality sound without any issues.


The Jabra Evolve 65 is a great buy for people who are looking to go for a Bluetooth headset that is both suitable for both music and voice. It is a great option for people are mostly into attending conference calls, as with this lightweight headset, you almost forget that you are wearing one over your head. It is mostly preferred by office going people for its ease of use, great battery life and standby mode. Even though it cannot be called as one of the best headsets in the market, but certainly the best headset that could help you hear top quality sound and communicate with your conference calls without any outside noise interference. And definitely out of the various line of headsets from the house of Jabra, the Evolve 65 is one of the best Bluetooth headsets in terms of the price range along with the various features that come with it.

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