Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth Headset Review

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When it comes to gaming accessories, Razer is renowned to provide some of the best products, especially for hardcore gamers. One such great line of products is their Razer Hammerhead BT in-ear headphones that are not only targeted towards the younger generation of gamers but also to gym freaks and for everyday use as well. And today we’ll be reviewing this little genius of Bluetooth headphones that have stormed the gaming world with its beautiful metal sized version.

Design & Build

One of the best things about the Hammerhead BT headphones is that Razer didn’t go with any sort of cheap plastic, but went into an all-metal version along with its trademark green and black color combination. The earbud feels completely strong and sturdy that you don’t need to worry it might get damaged when you dump it in your bag. But the thing is the package comes with a carry case, which helps you to have your headphones safely packed and bundled. You also get a micro USB cable with Razer trademark colors.

Unlike other in-ear headphones, the battery is safely secured with a magnetic clip and placed at the back of your neck and the clip ensures it stays with you all the time, even doing your workouts at the gym. Since it comes in a metal version, it may slightly feel a bit heavier than the plastic versions, but you will get used to it in some time. After all, you’ll start appreciating the sturdiness and stability of the headphones soon.

The cables are flat, unlike the round cables that come with your regular headphones, which also ensures that it manages to stay tangle free all the time. No matter you dump the headphones in your bag or pocket, you won’t feel any problems with any sort of untangling the cords.

Sound Quality

If you are looking for audiophile in-ear headphones, then you need to go buy some expensive headphones and the Razer hammerhead BT definitely do not slot into that category. But with the help of Qualcomm aptX technology, it manages to provide a decent and clear sound quality. You won’t be disappointed with the sound quality that can be guaranteed for sure. The only thing that many say is that there is some sort of harshness that you can feel during higher notes. The 10mm drives of the hammerhead BT deliver quality sound with a lot of low-end rumbles as well.

Even though the BT headphones don’t have an active noise cancellation option, but since the headphones are a snug fit onto your ears, most of the outside noise is mainly removed. The design of the Bluetooth headphones is mainly targeted at the younger generation gamers, who are tired of carrying a heavyweight headphone on their heads and that also takes a lot of space while you are traveling. But the BT headphones does take only a tiny space in your backpack and also provides a decent sound quality even during your game play.

Even though you never can replace the premium over-the-ear stereo phones, Hammerhead BT could still deliver great sound quality during your gameplay or during your daily commute to your office or just when relaxing with your favorite music during the night. Even if you wear these earbuds for hours, you don’t feel any irritation in your ears.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important aspect that many look for in a headset as you don’t want to recharge your headphone after hearing just an album or two. With a normal charge, you can use it non-stop for a complete eight hours and the battery can be easily charged over a micro USB. Won’t say the battery is top class, but it is pretty good in giving you access to the headphone for a full day.

The battery on the headphones was greatly placed and the magnetic clip ensures that it won’t slip when tucked into your shirt. The battery also notifies you when it is running low in charge and it takes only 2-2.5 hours of charging to reach its full potential. Enjoy non-stop high-performance music from your morning commute to your office till you return home in the evening.


Getting the headphone connected to your phone or desktop is pretty much simple as you just need to press and hold the middle button on your remote for a second until the earbuds light up. Then you can see that your phone starts searching for a connection and once it is paired, you are ready to enjoy all kinds of music from your Hammerhead BT headphones.

Even though the Bluetooth headphones use the latest Bluetooth codecs, you don’t need to worry about this as most of the latest phones and laptops support these latest codecs. If you are using an old phone, then you may check with Android Authority website to see which codec you need to use.

The cables provided with the headphones are relatively short than the cables that come with other regular headphones because it was intentionally designed to help prevent any tangling issue and keep yourself clutter free. With the included USB cable, you can easily charge the headphones by connecting them to your laptop or desktop.


Priced around $100, the Hammerhead BT seems to be pretty much reasonably priced for such good sound quality as you can’t expect an audiophile in-ear headphone quality sound with these Bluetooth headphones. These headphones are cleverly designed to provide a tangle-free usage and provide a great wireless range when compared to headphones in this price range.

With a decent sound quality, great battery life and an excellent range, the Hammerhead BT truly stand out among all other in-ear headphones on the market at this price. The sound quality is pretty much decent to use it for long hours of gaming or to listen to music during your travel times. Even though, it does sport a gamer look with the green and black colors, if you are really looking for a good wireless headphone that provides a whole day of music to your ears, then you can definitely go for the Hammerhead BT.

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