InSight on Apple TV+: See who's on screen quickly 26

InSight on Apple TV+: See who’s on screen quickly

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Apple TV Plus introduces a new feature called InSight, similar to Amazon’s X-Ray, allowing users to quickly identify actors on their screen and even recognize background music. Additionally, Apple is rolling out Dialogue enhancements using machine learning technology to optimize sound quality with speakers and receivers.

In conjunction with this tvOS update, viewers can enjoy automatic subtitles when muting their TV or skipping back in time, which can be especially useful for those who rely on subtitles. Moreover, the latest tvOS will now support 21:9 projector compatibility for a seamless viewing experience.

Apple is also set to unveil new screensavers for Apple TV, including one featuring Snoopy and Woodstock in space. Furthermore, they are working on new features for AirPods Pro, such as Voice Isolation for clear communication and the ability to interact with Siri by nodding yes or shaking your head no.

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