Ferrari Vibration GT cockpit 14

Ferrari Vibration GT cockpit

Thrustmaster, the world’s top maker of premier video game controllers, is pleased to unveil the first cockpit officially licensed for Xbox 360® (also PC-compatible) with a built-in wheel and pedal set. An official Ferrari® licensed product, the cockpit is adjustable enough for any gamer and foldable to be easily stored when not in use. This is also the first product to ever incorporate a unique technology which spreads out vibrations throughout the entire structure so drivers can feel the track through the wheel and the pedals.

Designed for instant fun

The philosophy behind this cockpit is to maximize the users’ gaming time, with no long installation processes, or the hassle of attaching a wheel to a table or desk players can jump into their favorite cars in no time. There’s no need to rearrange the living room setup either, the cockpit can be used almost anywhere, and easily adapts to any seating arrangement. Thanks to its adjustable design it can easily be adjusted both in length and in height to any user’s size from adults to children. Using the cockpit’s convenient carrying handle, players have everything they need to be able to jump right into the action any time they hear the racetrack call their name, and quickly store the cockpit away in some unobtrusive spot when it’s not in use.

This highly innovative approach is summed up by Stefano Saporetti, Head of Licensing at Ferrari S.p.A.: “Our work with Thrustmaster shows both companies’ commitment to our shared values, namely a dedication to innovation and quality. This product brings its unique concept, with the emotional impact of Ferrari, right into users’ living rooms, allowing them to enjoy racing in a very immersive way.”

Superior features, with G.V.S. (Global Vibration System)
The wheel on the Ferrari Vibration GT cockpit 458 Italia edition incorporates G.V.S. (Global Vibration System) technology, allowing for the high-frequency vibrations from the motors to be felt not only on the wheel itself, but also throughout the cockpit’s entire steering column and pedal set. This provides incredibly realistic effects and total immersion in racing games. The ultra-precise wheel, featuring 16-bit performance for more than 65,000 values on the wheel’s steering, allows players unparalleled control in turns. Gear shifting is carried out via the metal sequential paddle shifters and the wheel features a Manettino® dial, just like on the real Ferrari®. Textured rubber grips on the wheel ensure optimal comfort, and the cockpit even includes a headset connector for communication during multi-player gaming.

Unique metal look
With its streamlined “Musetto” body shape featuring a metal structure, the Ferrari Vibration GT cockpit 458 Italia edition looks great in any living room. Its wheel measures 11.2 inches in diameter, and is a 7/10 scale replica of the wheel in the Ferrari F458 Italia. Its wide, weighted base is over 22 pounds, providing excellent overall stability no matter how intense the race becomes.

Another huge advantage in relation to a standard setup is that the 2 metal pedals are built directly into the system, further increasing stability. Additonally, everything is ready for use in games by simply connecting the cockpit to user’s console or PC. The pedals feature a long range of travel, with progressive resistance on the brake pedal for maximum realism.

The Ferrari Vibration GT cockpit 458 Italia edition will be available in September, at a suggested retail price of $299.99. For more information on this product, or any other made by Thrustmaster, please see our website at The product will be available for pre-order on August 15th, from major online retailers and at