Crucial MX300 Solid State Drive Review 18

Crucial MX300 Solid State Drive Review

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Crucial MX300 Solid State Drive Review 20It’s been an eternity that the world of 3D NAND has seen some changes. Micron happens to be that company who has set foot as the second company to set a milestone in the 3D NAND flash realm with the launch of their Crucial MX300 Solid State Drive 1TB space. The main motive of Micron was to provide users a mainstream and affordable SSD having 3D flash. As a brand, Micron is definitely among the most recognized flash storage makers around the globe. All their inventions are backed with the same amount of dedication, quality of materials and cutting edge technology which has been seen in their earlier inventions worldwide till date.

Keep on reading to know about the main features, the awesome benefits and the crucial disadvantages of the product.  So brace yourselves as the fun is only just starting.


The main features of this product:

Undergoing a lot of intense testing and qualification examinations, the Crucial MX300 Solid State Drive 1TB has been brought to the market for consumer usage. The makers say that users when they come in contact with their invention and use it, they will definitely come to experience the difference. It is suitable for any given new laptops as it can easily fit into a 2.5-inch rotating disk comprising of a mechanical hard drive. The unit can also fit into a desktop with the help of some SATA connectors, but you will have to invest in a 3.5-inch drive tray or with a 2.5-inch mounting point.

When you search the market for a quality proven contraptions, you want to find one which gives out a performance of the highest order and which keeps on giving it time and time again. This particular model is definitely a unit which will give you repeated performance time and time again due to the high-quality materials which are used in its making.


The main features of the product:

  • This device sub sequentially can read as well as write about 530 to 510 MB/s on every type of files.
  • This file also randomly writes as well as reads up to 92k/83 k on every kind of file.
  • The device is accelerated with the help of Micron 3D NAND technology
  • This state of the art device is considered 90x times more energy efficient as compared to a normal hard drive
  • The unit also comprises of superlative in class hardware encryption which assists in keeping the stored data secure and safe.
  • Its sturdy write hastening ensures faster and safer file transferring
  • The unit is extremely durable as compared to a hard drive and comprises of no such tiny mobile parts which are subjected to any sort of failures
  • There are top notch data defense guards which protect against data corruption.
  • Even if say the power is lost for some reason, the device comprises of a power loss protection which assists complete the write commands properly and effectively.
  • The contraption also gives out thermal fortification for adaptive and effective cooling
  • Another catchy feature of this unit is that the unit incorporates free Acronis, HD software and that makes way for hassle-free migration of data
  • The device also is responsive with some of the important stage storage tools making way for convenient drive maintenance
  • The of the tool is affordable for most pockets
  • On purchase, you will get the benefit of 3 years of exclusive warranty.


The advantages of the device;

Now let’s shift over and highlight the main pros of the product. There are quite a few and so go through them one by one.

  • The Crucial MX300 Solid State Drive 1TB assists in increasing the speed, efficiency as well as durability of the system for years to come. Your system gets boosted in no time at all getting through round about all of the applications with an SSD which uses 3D NAND systems
  • This unit also assists in improving the performance of your system. The loading time is lessened radically and speeds up the demanding applications easily. Its single level cell flash memory helps generate blistering speed all throughout the drives life long tenure.
  • This unit also helps lessen the usage of power which is consumed by your drive. It also helps increase your laptop battery life with the help of a 0.075w of power as compared to others in the market which use 6.8 W
  • Its thermal adaptive feature keeps your machine cool and properly functional, and that keeps problems of overheating at bay.
  • There is a free downloadable tool namely the Crucial Storage Executive version 3 which enhances your drive functioning by 10 times. You have to download it, and the download link will also be mentioned in the manual.

In simple words, this secure safe drive will assist you to boost up almost every single aspect of y our device performance.


The disadvantages;

Some users however came up with some complaints regarding this superb device;

  • Some users have said not to use its migration software for a larger drive. They have called it extremely unreliable
  • Some also have stated that there is no RAID support for the momentum cache, and also the read/write speeds advertised are not countable


As a final thought to this wonderful SSD, this product gives you great value for money. The cost of the unit is also very much pocket-friendly and if you take a look at its main features, you will understand that the makers have tried to include everything which you might look for in a hard drive. It is also secure for storing all your files and also keeps your machine running smoothly and without any hiccups.

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