Eggtronic Power Bar: The Perfect Partner of Apple Devices 18

Eggtronic Power Bar: The Perfect Partner of Apple Devices

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When it comes to getting a super-smart device, Apple always has a different class. Be it an iPhone or Airpods or Apple watches, the person who carries them always stands outside in the crowd. However, the common problem that every Apple aficionado suffers is the fast discharging of their Apple devices. Often they tend to forget the devices in time and face problems when they need their Apple devices to give them the best results.

In 2020, Eggtronic came up with The Power Bar; the vacuum is filled with what Apple promised Eggtronic delivered and that too at $149.99. Eggtronic Power Bar with 10,000mAh internal battery, 30W USB-C port output/input capacity, 2 Qi-enabled wireless charging pads, and a popup Apple Watch charger can charge four Apple devices simultaneously.

It's agile, efficient and to get a unit of the same, you don't have to break your bank. Check out the below section of this post and explore why it's the best pick in 2020.

Eggtronic Power Bar Review by GameHaunt


The Eggtronic Power Bar comes with attractive features and plays the perfect partner of your Apple devices, be it your iPhone (or iPhones), Apple Watch, Ear Pods, and even your MacBook.

The Qi-Enabled Charger

This power bar comes with Qi-compatible wireless charging spots, which can charge Apple devices @ 7.5 watts.

For cordless charging, the Qi-enabled devices need to be placed on Qi-enabled pads of The Power Bar. To start charging, need to switch on the Power Bar. The Qi-enabled pads are placed too close to each other … which prevents charging two iPhones together. But one can place an iPhone on one pad and AirPods on the other quite easily.


Equipped with a 30-watt Power Delivery USB-C port, the Power Bar charges its internal battery very quickly. Also, this USB-C port enables the Power bar to charge devices MacBook Pro pretty fast. 

Watch charger

The dedicated Apple Watch charger charges at 5-watt. You can pull it up by half-inch, making charging easier as Apple Watch Bands is not flexible. The Apple Watch can be charged with both the puck elevated or at a normal level. It is not easy to make watch chargers pop up; one needs to hold the cylindrical charging point with nails and pull it up. The popup process gets easier after a few initial trials.


The package comes with two sturdy and braided charging cables, including a USB C to Apple Lightning iPad/iPhone charging cable and a USB C to C cable. However, it doesn't contain any USB wall charger. If you need one, you will have to buy it separately.


The Power Bar has a capacity of 10,000mAh. It good enough for the full charge of an iPad Pro or fully recharges the iPhone two or three times. But its capacity to charge a MacBook is really limited. It just doesn't have the capacity to recharge a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The charging speed is fast, even in the case of a MacBook as its USB-C port delivers up to 30 watts through USB Cable (with around 40% power for a 13″ MacBook in an hour) – just that it doesn't have enough capacity to charge it for more than an hour.

As the USB-C port draws power input of up to 30 watts, this amazing device comes with superfast recharging capacity. The Power Bar is about two times faster than other Power Banks. With the help of a 30-watt USB-C PD adapter (Eggtronic doesn't give an adapter in its package), it gets recharged in not more than 2 hours.

Design & Build

The dimensions of the Eggtronic Power Bar are following 7.25″ X 2.75″ x 1″ (LxWxD). With its rounded corners, the Power Bar looks cool. There are two Qi-compatible wireless charging spots back to back on one end of the platform. On the other end of the bar, there is a round popup Apple Watch charging station. The only USB-C, i/o port, is placed beyond the watch charger. There are a switch and 5 LED indicators to indicate the level of charging and available power. Eggtronic provides with two cables also.


  • You can consider the best charger if you're an iPhone, AirPod, or Apple Watch aficionado. 
  • It's user friendly. All you need to do is to plug it in and power the battery in. Later one you require to place your iPhone, AirPods or, Apple Watch on it … switch on the power button, and the devices get charged automatically.
  • Significantly, it's even more useful than a cabled wall charger, especially you are a busy bug.
  • One can easily connect the Power Bar to the wall charger constantly to always charge and place the devices on it once they are required to be charged. 
Eggtronic Power Bar Review by GameHaunt


  • 10,000 mAh capacity for $ 150 Power Bank dampens expectations
  • There are 20,000 mAh power banks available at cheaper prices. Maybe the decision to keep the capacity is kept @ 10,000mAh to avoid extra battery weight to increase portability.
  • The limited capacity also restricts its capacity to charge all four devices to charge to full if connected simultaneously. A MacBook Pro can drain the Power Bar in just an hour.
  • The build quality is not that great. The seams are visible where the plastic meets. The device often goes off balance, and there is enough space inside. 
  • Also, one would expect a lot more USB ports in a $150 charging device.
  • A single USB-C port is also a disappointment 

The Eggtronic's Wireless Power Bar is indeed a useful charger if you have multiple Apple devices. So, if you're searching for the right power bar, Eggtronic is undoubtedly, a wise pick. It's costlier if compared to the other power bars available in the market; however, it's fantastic attributes justify its cost to the fullest.

Eggtronic Power Bar: The Perfect Partner of Apple Devices 24
Eggtronic Power Bar: The Perfect Partner of Apple Devices
The Eggtronic’s Wireless Power Bar is indeed a useful charger if you have multiple Apple devices. So, if you’re searching for the right power bar, Eggtronic is undoubtedly, a wise pick.
One of the best wireless Apple device charger in the market
Limited capacity for the price
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