Castlot First Official Server Geraint 12

Castlot First Official Server Geraint

As a world leading browser game publisher and operator, JoyoPark will announce the launch of first official server of Castlot – Geraint, a middle-age background strategy game. During event time, all players will enjoy the generous rewards in game to have more fun!

Castlot, a free-to-play online browser-based SLG, is a perfect combination of resources management and fighting. It incorporates both the turn-based and highly realistic powerful combat modes to enhance gaming experience. It is sure to be a masterpiece that sets a milestone in the browser game history. As a web based game, there is no need to any download and the game is easily accessible that can be played anywhere!

The game is set in the era of medieval Britain where the kingdom is divided into two factions: the Bright and the Dark, led by Arthur and Lord Blackmore respectively. Which side will you choose? Arthur, the legendary British leader or the ambitious Lord who is obsessed with Black Magic and power? Will you be the spy that Lord Blackmore seeks, or will you journey forth with Arthur and the Bright Knights? Players can interact with each other, team up to explore the uncharted lands and battle for glory. Different Heroes, Lords, Cities, Leagues and Factions are here! Use your strategy and wisdom to fight, to interact and cooperate to win!