Ashes of Creation Shows Off the Metropolis 12

Ashes of Creation Shows Off the Metropolis

Today, Intrepid Studios are excited to show off what makes the metropolis nodes in Ashes of Creation so special and unlike any city you’ve seen in MMORPGs to date.

In addition, Ashes of Creation announced its Kickstarter commencement date of May 1st. More details on the campaign will follow.

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The Metropolis is effectively the culmination of the Node system – it’s the biggest thing that players can bring into being, and the final level of civilization’s development on this forgotten world. The Metropolis requires a large amount of resources to develop and maintain, and because of how Nodes relate to one another, there can be no more than five in existence at any time.

So you might naturally ask, what does a Metropolis do?

Each Node can be developed into one of four categories: Scientific, Economic, Militaristic, and Divine. The Economic ones are ruled by Oligarchies, while Scientific ones are ruled by democratically chosen leaders. Military nodes are run by those with the mettle and might to prove their worth, and the Divine are run by the players who seek to help others and dedicate their time and effort to that city.

Leaders, no matter the type of governance, have a lot to do. Outside the basic services that a Node provides, leaders must choose what other service buildings to construct, which means they should have a clear plan for what they want to accomplish during their tenure. Some buildings might simply provide a zone-wide bonus to their citizens, others might provide expanded markets, some may increase a Node’s ability to defend against a siege.

Yes, that’s right what goes up can come down. Like Tom Petty says, even walls fall down. And metropolis nodes are big targets for competing guilds, and when one falls, it’s undoubtedly going to be reborn as something new from the ashes… will you be a benevolent leader, or an iron-fisted tyrant?

Each and every server in Ashes of Creation will tell its own tale, and no day will be the same.

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