ADATA Ultimate SU750
ADATA Ultimate SU750

ADATA Ultimate SU750 Review

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ADATA has expanded its product line with the ADATA Ultimate SU750 series, which may interest users looking for affordable, capacious and decent performance data carriers. These are typical devices in 2.5 “format, using the SATA 6 Gbps interface, which according to the manufacturer are perfect as a replacement for much slower hard drives. The new series includes economical models under SATA. Will the Ultimate SU750 disc repeat the success of the Ultimate SU800?

During the CES 2019, they announced the ADATA Ultimate SU750, which should be placed between the Ultimate SU700 and the SU800. Those interested in new constructions did not have to wait long for the premiere, because the disks just appeared in the official offer of the producer. The new series includes 2.5-inch media with a capacity of 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB.


The Adata SU750 series is based on 3D NAND TLC chips and uses the SLC cache. According to the manufacturer's website, three capacitive models, offering 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB of data space, will hit the market. Initially, only the first of these versions will be available for sale.

Declared sequential transfers reach 550 MB/s for reading and 520 MB/s for recording. Although they anticipate the performance to decrease slightly with data that is less susceptible to compression. The manufacturer does not give too much to the disc specification. We know that the Realtek controller, the 3D TLC memory NAND, and the DRAM cache were on board, and the whole thing is supported by the SLC NAND bone buffer. The overall performance meter looks like:

  • Maximum sequential reading speed (ATTO): 550 MB / s,
  • Maximum sequential recording speed (ATTO): 520 MB / s,
  • Maximum sequential reading speed (CDM QD32): 550 MB / s,
  • Maximum sequential writing speed (CDM QD32): 500 MB / s,
  • Maximum sequential reading speed (AS SSD): 500 MB / s,
  • Maximum sequential recording speed (AS SSD): 450 MB / s,
  • Random 4K data read: 65,000 IOPS, Random 4K data record: 75,000 IOPS.

The equipment includes three-year manufacturer's guarantee without the limit of recorded data. Unfortunately, the same TBW factor is not given, so you can expect that it will not be too high. The producer revealed that the TBW indicator for the 256 GB model is 200 TB, for the 512 GB version – 400 TB, and for the 1 TB edition – 800 TB. The ADATA SU750 version 256 GB was priced at PLN 169 on market.

ADATA Ultimate SU750

Design and Build

ADATA SU750 Gaming SSD has a 2.5-inch housing and a thickness of 7 mm, so it will fit both desktops, notebooks and ultrabooks, and even consoles. The producer and the device also provide software that enables easy and convenient transfer of the system and/or data from the old disk to the new one.

The manufacturer uses the NAND 3D TLC (Triple Level Cell) memory, which offers higher performance and durability compared to 2D NAND systems. This model can write data at speeds up to 550 MB / s and read them at up to 520 MB / s (write / sequential reading). When it comes to IOPS operations, ADATA gives 65000/75000 (random input/output operations).

The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is also two million hours. The manufacturer also declares that all models “provide high-value TBW (Total Bytes Written)”. The company gives the discs from this series a three-year warranty without the limit of recorded data.

ADATA Ultimate Gaming SSD


  • Specification of ADATA Ultimate SU750 drives looks like:
  • Type: 2.5 inches
  • Interface: SATA 6 Gb / s
  • Controller: Realtek
  • Memory chips: 3D TLC NAND

Performance – transfers:

  • 256 GB: 550/520 MB / s
  • 1 TB

Performance – input / output operations:

  • 256 GB: 65,000/75 000 IOPS
  • 512 GB: IOPS
  • 1 TB: IOPS
  • TBW: 256 GB: 200 TB 512 GB: 400 TB 1 TB: 800 TB

The discs are covered by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Details on prices and availability are not known yet. As soon as we find out something, we will update the this review immediately.


The Total Bytes Written coefficient determines the estimated number of SSD full capacity records during its lifetime. ADATA SU750 drives have high TWB rates compared to other drives from a similar price segment. As a result, they are characterized by long life. Depending on the chosen variant, the disks have the following TWB: 256GB to 200TB, 512GB to 400TB version, the 1TB version to 800TB.

Disk users will be able to access the practical ADATA SSD Toolbox to control the status and life of the disk. It allows, among others disk capacity monitoring, free space, and temperature. The program can work in a fast or slower, but very precise mode. A useful module is SSD Security Erase, for effective deletion of data and restoring the disk to the factory state.

The Migration Utility to which you access will allow you to quickly and safely copy resources from your current drive to a new one. The copy also includes the current operating system. The program is useful, for example, when you change the disk to a newer one or you want to make a backup copy of important data. The low energy appetite and high shock resistance are impressive enough. Both during work and at rest it is 1500G. This extends the life of the disk.

Best Budget Gaming SSD

Undoubtedly this unique SSD has set a standard that can assure with 100% user satisfaction.  It has TLC memory that comprises S:C caching in every chip that has been used in this unique SSD. User experience and outstanding technology make it a must-buy of 2019. Its firmware requirements provide a guarantee of best gaming SSD endurance. It will be always a wise decision to get one and experience the perfect use of updated technology.