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Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure Unveiled

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Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure Unveiled 20
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August 22, 2023
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The highly anticipated expansion for Guild Wars 2 has been revealed, and it's called Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure. Fans of the game were buzzing with excitement upon hearing the news, especially since it was announced alongside a big balance patch and a new fractal. The update was introduced with a short teaser trailer and four detailed blog posts, giving players a brief breakdown of what they can expect in 2023.

Exploring the Mysterious Wizard's Tower

One of the most intriguing aspects of the update is the story, as players will finally discover what's been happening with the mysterious Wizard's Tower. This enigmatic structure, floating in the Skybox since the game's launch, has suddenly been destroyed, allowing demonic forces known as the Kryptis to invade Tyria's lands. The expansion will delve into the aftermath of this event and uncover the truth behind it all.

Amidst the chaos, fans will be delighted to hear that a familiar face is returning to the fray. Zojja, the famous Asuran golemancer, and a vital Destiny's Edge guild member, will return after years of inactivity. Her absence had left players wondering about her fate, especially after missing from the End of Dragons story released in 2022. However, the long-awaited moment has arrived, and Zojja is ready to rejoin the battle with renewed vigor.

She had been recovering from the mental damage inflicted by the Elder Dragon Mordremoth's Mordrem Pod. Still, now, she is prepared to lend her brilliant mind and formidable skills to assist new allies from Amnytas against the invading Kryptis as they crawl into Tyria. This pivotal moment will surely add an extra layer of intrigue to the unfolding events of the expansion, leaving players eager to witness her role in the fight against the Kryptis forces.

Sky-High Adventures in New Zones

Additionally, this update will launch two new aerial maps – the Skywatch Archipelago and the city of Amnytas will become available. Players can look forward to exploring these interconnected islands and bustling cities. However, it is hoped that lessons have been learned from previous massive city zones like Kaineng City to avoid any potential feelings of emptiness. The update will include a new hub area, similar to Arva Stone, located within the Wizards Tower.

Embark on an epic journey and uncover the mysteries of the Wizard's Tower as you fend off incursions from the Mists, defending the skies against the invasion and encounters.

With all these new additions and a captivating storyline, Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure is shaping up to be an expansion that fans will want to experience. We are eagerly anticipating the introduction of a new Hub Zone. Although I have a deep affection for Arborstone, it is high time for a change of scenery.

Mastering New Masteries

Let's discuss masteries, a key feature of Guild Wars 2 MMORPG expansions. These masteries bring about new forms of horizontal progression, and Metroidvania-style unlocks. One such mastery is the astral Ward, which aligns us with the significant Wizarding faction. Players can join the astral ward and participate in Bounty Hunts across Tyria, allowing them to increase their standing with the Wizarding faction for more searches and rewards. I remember the Bounty Hunts in Path of Fire and found them quite enjoyable. It wasn't very reassuring that we didn't see more of them in subsequent releases, so I am excited that they will return in some capacity.

We will join them in bounties across Tyria, allowing us to increase our standing with them for more searches and rewards. I remember the bounties in Path of Fire and found them quite enjoyable. It wasn't very reassuring that we didn't see more of them in subsequent releases, so I am thrilled that they will return in some capacity.

Another mastery called the Heart of the Obscure will be utilized to unlock particular doors, chests and close rifts. However, what makes it particularly intriguing is the ability to generate our ley lines and updrafts. These elements were initially added in Heart of Thorns to enhance gliding capabilities, but they are about to take on a new level of importance.

In the discussion of flight Mastery, it is mentioned that Guild Wars 2 already has a skyscale. However, this new version of the skyscale offers improved accessibility and a remarkable addition. Players can now wield weapons that were previously exclusive to elite specializations, expanding the combat possibilities even further. Obtaining the skyscale was once a hassle, but with the introduction of the Secrets of the Obscure update, players can get the dragon-like mount quickly through the new story. Additionally, new masteries are being announced, such as the ability to ride the skyscale even during combat.

Moreover, players can now shoot fireballs from the dragon-like creature, adding to its versatility. The expansion also includes enhancements for other flying mounts, such as the Gryphon, allowing them to benefit from updrafts and Ley lines. The entire development will revolve around flying mountains, and the anticipation for what this will bring is high.

Will they adjust the current method of obtaining the skyscale to align it better with this new approach? The skyscale mount was the ultimate reward for completing all the Living World season 4 content, so it would be a shame if it becomes obsolete. Alongside the new method, there will also be new maps and masteries announced.

Additionally, players can look forward to new instance content, including two brand-new strike missions for 10-man groups and a new fractal dungeon for five-man groups. It is surprising to see a new fractal released so soon, considering we just received it this week. However, it is a pleasant bonus. Furthermore, challenge modes will be added to all this content in subsequent patches. Overall, there is plenty of exciting content to look forward to.

Introducing the Wizards Vault: A New Rewards System

The topic discusses introducing a new rewards system called the Wizards Vault, similar to the Trading Post from World of Warcraft. This system offers daily, weekly, and quarterly achievements across all game modes, allowing players to earn an Astral Acclaim currency. This currency can be used at a particular shop for various rewards, including weapon and armor skins, Gem Store items, materials, and mount skins.

Compared to other trading posts, the items in the Wizards Vault will rotate into a legacy section, where they will be available for purchase indefinitely, eliminating any fear of missing out. Additionally, there are no paid upgrades or progression skips in this system. This setup deviates from the typical linear progression of battle passes, where desirable items are usually only available toward the end. Instead, players can choose how they want to earn currency and where they want to spend it. This new rewards system offers players more agency and flexibility in obtaining their desired rewards.

Legendary Armor: A Clear Goal for Aspiring Heroes

One of the biggest problems in Guild Wars 2 is the need for clear goals. Many players, including myself and my friends, often log in and find ourselves trying to decide what to do. We waste time sitting around in the Mist and eventually logging out. I am so excited about the new legendary armor set focused on open-world activities. It looks fantastic and adds an extra level of prestige to the game. When you obtain this armor, you can use it on any of your characters and easily swap stats or transmog it for free. It's an excellent addition for players who want a clear goal to work towards beyond just accumulating gold and legendaries.

Incredibly, different modes in the game require a high level of commitment and coordination. However, I understand that these modes may only be for some, as only some have the time or interest in them. It is a shame that people are now less incentivized to try raids. The materials for crafting the envoy gear already involved players participating in open-world activities, so it served as a catch-all PvE legendary set.

It's great that there is now a more accessible method of obtaining legendary gear that integrates better into the core part of the game, such as open-world meta events and world bosses. One of the best elements of Guild Wars 2 is the BuildCraft, and having legendary gear allows players to gain access to different builds and options thoroughly. It's optimistic that more players can experience this aspect of the game. It shouldn't cheapen the prestige of legendaries, as grinding for them will still be a challenge.

Unleashing Unconventional Combat: Weapon Master Training

In the latest update from ArenaNet, they have truly gone off the rails with the new combat features in Secrets of the Obscure expansion. They are introducing weapon Mastery training, which means that equipment tied to specific Elite specializations and professions within your class will now be available as baseline options.

Prepare to experience newfound flexibility in combat style with several potent system updates at launch and throughout the year. This expanded weapon master training allows for unprecedented creativity, empowering players to experiment with unique combinations, such as running around as a Will Bender wielding a longbow or flipping around as a daredevil with a rifle. Even becoming a Scourge with a greatsword is now within reach. ArenaNet's boldness in opening up this feature is mind-boggling and will revolutionize combat in Guild Wars 2.

Get ready because the latest update will unleash a whole new level of creativity in the game. The many possibilities and combinations that will open up with this update are mind-boggling. It will require severe balancing from the developers, but they seem up for the challenge. The best part is we can already start experimenting with the new system through the beta running from June 29th to July 2nd.

Sure, there are some rough edges in certain areas, but I have to give props to ArenaNet for their boldness in opening up this feature. It allows for many unique combinations, and I couldn't be more excited. And that's not all because we'll be getting expanded weapon proficiency in the second expansion pack. This means new weapons for every class, like pistols for Elementalists and rifles for Mesmers.

Even the Warriors might finally get a whole support weapon with a staff. I'm considering going back to playing Guardian because they're getting dual pistols, and I can't resist the urge to blast away. Remember that the weapon proficiency system still applies to these new equipment, so the possibilities are bonkers. Remember that this new equipment's weapon skill system is still relevant, so the potential outcomes are crazy.

Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure Expansion

Revamping Runes: More Build Customization

In addition to all the other patches, there will also be a streamlined and revamped rune system. To obtain the unique set bonus, players must collect all six runes with the right combination of stats. However, this limits the options available since only a few runes meet these requirements. With the upcoming rework, the sixth-tier bonus will no longer have the unique perk and will only provide final stats.

The unique perk will be moved to a new item slot called a Relic, which becomes usable at level 60. All the previous bonuses will still be available, some even improved or altered slightly. These Relics can be obtained through crafting, instance content, and more. Additionally, there will be patch-exclusive relics to be added in future releases.

This rework allows for more flexibility in builds and the use of previously overlooked runes, adding a new layer of customization to the game. It's reminiscent of Diablo 4, where players can add extra bonuses in a separate slot. While there won't be any new Elite specs, this compromise by ArenaNet is an exciting addition to the game.

I have to admit this follow up has exceeded my expectations. With nine new spec and weapon combinations per class, there is much more variety and choice than I anticipated. Sure, not all of them may be meta or practical, but the fact that the options are there is exciting. Class fantasy may be disregarded, but, incredibly, they are pushing the boundaries. Moreover, with the introduction of the New Relic system, the number of builder options will increase exponentially.

Secrets of the Obscure: The Future of Guild Wars 2

It's mind-boggling how many possibilities there will be. So far, Secrets of the Obscure offers many promising features, and as someone who has yet to be overly impressed with recent content releases, I cannot deny that I am caught up in the hype. On paper, everything they have announced looks incredibly cool. I eagerly anticipate this expansion, as it is the perfect start to a new era in GW2 as an MMO.

The arrival of the new era in the game is set to revolutionize the gaming experience. The magnitude of this patch cannot be emphasized enough. With the introduction of a new story arc, players can expect an immersive and captivating narrative that will keep them engaged for hours on end.

Moreover, the expansion brings a host of new reward systems, providing players with even more incentives to keep pushing forward. But the most exciting aspect of this expansion is the unprecedented amount of new build craft options that will be available. This episode marks a turning point for the game, promising to change it forever.

As the anticipation for Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure continues to build, there's no doubt that players are eager to delve into the ancient mysteries and reveal the enigmas that await them in the skies above Tyria. If you're as excited as we are, don't miss the chance to stay updated on all the latest details about this thrilling expansion. For more information, visit the official expansion site or the Steam page.

And for those who can't wait to embark on this epic journey, take advantage of the prepurchase option now available and secure an Arcane Spellweaver’s Hat, ensuring you'll be among the first to experience the new explorable zones, delve into captivating storylines, and wield the power of unique masteries. Take advantage of the adventure of a lifetime when Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure arrives this August!