TP-Link AC2300 Wireless WiFi Router Review 17

TP-Link AC2300 Wireless WiFi Router Review

The demands for high-quality routers are high. People across the globe need a better internet speed so that they can run internet on the portable devices without facing any trouble. The Wi-Fi router producing firms are also engaged in designing a Wi-Fi router that can meet all the demands of the modern users. Although TP-Link is not the most famous router manufacturing firm, still it has earned a position between world’s leading Wi-Fi router designing and producing companies.

Its Archer C2300 has succeeded in luring a huge number of buyers. TP-Link has released this router during this year and now it is trying to make it the best selling product of this year. We have reviewed the Archer C2300 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router to reveal all the noticeable features and drawbacks. Continue reading and you will know why you should buy it or why you should not buy it.

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The new Archer C2300 is offering a new processor with enhanced clock speed and enhanced flash memory. It is a 3×3 router that has plenty of luring features for every user. Yes, it has got some amazing features from other routers introduced by TP-Link, but it manages to be a unique and highly effective Wi-Fi router. Some experts are speculating that soon the Archer C2600 will reach EOL and therefore the new Archer C2300 will be a new replacement for that router.

Whether TP-Link shuts down the production of C2600 or not, the new generation models are more effective and feature-rich than the older generation models. The price gap between the low-end and high-end routers is decreasing quite rapidly. Therefore, the buyers will take interest in new and more effective Wi-Fi routers produced by TP-Link. Let’s explore some essential details on the latest Archer C2300 to reveal why it is a great router for you.

Design & Build

TP-Link is not one of those brands that like to introduce every new product with a new design. Though, the Talon AD7200 is an exception to that statement. It is a company that makes slight adjustments to offer a new look. TP-Link likes to keep its devices identical, so that the users won’t get confused. The Archer C2300 looks quite similar to the Archer VR600 modem router and its design also seems copied from the Archer C2600. All the components of the router are enclosed in a black plastic housing. The upper side is divided into two premier parts. One of those two parts offers a black glossy exterior and another part is decorated with many diamond-shaped cutouts.

There are LED lights to indicate the power status, the 2.4GHz, 5GHz wireless bands, the Ethernet, The Internet, The WPS, and the USB. Different LED lights illuminate in different conditions. For example, the Blue LED Light will blink if the internet is connected, the Ethernet light will turn on when you connect a device to the LAN port, and WPS light will illuminate when you a WPS connection will be in progress. The designers have offered different LED lights to indicate different operations performed by this Wi-Fi router. Therefore, it would be pretty simple for any user to know what is working and what is not while the router is in service.

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It seems like TP-Link tries to equip its devices with common features. The Archer C2300 offers many features that you can get in the Archer 3150 V2. The first noticeable feature of the C2300 is MU-MIMO technology. This Wi-Fi router supports the multi-user multiple input multiple output technology. In simple words, this router will permit immediate communication between three different devices. The old-school routers used to serve one connection at a time and therefore other connections used to compete for the bandwidth. This MU-MIMO technology equipped router can effectively enhance network’s efficiency and behavior.

If you are thinking that this MU-MIMO technology would be very helpful for you, then check the term of using this technique. You can connect only those devices, which have the MU-MIMO adapter otherwise this feature is completely useless for you. Apart from the MU-MIMO technology, the C300 is also equipped with the Smart Connect technology. This router can automatically connect the devices to best radio band available. You can usually find this feature in the tri-band routers, which are connected to three different networks at a time. The Smart Connect technology will be pretty helpful for you because it will analyze the signal strength, recognizing the crowded channels, the distance between the router and the client, and discover the best available band for the device.

Another noticeable feature of the Archer C2300 includes the BeamForming technology. The router will automatically focus the signal towards the connected devices to offer a better speed and performance. All of these features make it a really impress Wi-Fi router for any user.

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Numerous people have bought this Wi-Fi router and shared its performance details. This router offers impressive 139 MBPS speed at the distance of five feet while you are using the 2.4GHz radio band. It offers an average speed of 122 MBPS at 15feet distance. The speed will further decrease as you will increase the distance. The 5GHz radio band offers 567 MBPS speed at five feet distance, around 474 MBPS average speed at 15 feet distance and it will also further decrease as you will move far.  It performs great whether you are using the connected device near the Wi-Fi router or 15-30 feet away from the device.

The Archer C2300 seems a great Wi-Fi router according to its features. It has received above 4-star ratings from all the users, which means it satisfies their demands. It is an easy to set-up Wi-Fi router that offers plenty of cutting-edge features. It will certainly enhance your performance if you need a router to finish some online jobs. In addition, it will keep the internet speed up by finding the best channels. It belongs to TP-Link that has earned reputation of a reliable brand by producing high-quality devices. Therefore, buying this Wi-Fi router would be a great deal.

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