Toy Odyssey Out NOW for Xbox One and PC 12

Toy Odyssey Out NOW for Xbox One and PC

Independent game publisher Digital Smash is proud to announce the release of Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found developed by Hiker Games. Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found is Xbox One and PC on September 21st, 2016, for just $14.99 USD, with a PlayStation 4 release soon to follow.

Digital Smash’s mission is to support indie gems like Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found and has handled all aspects of bringing the game to console. Toy Odyssey was created by Vietnamese developer Hiker Games as their global break out on consoles and Digital Smash has made it their mission to ensure their ensure their success. In doing so, Digital Smash has brought on Zettabyte Marketing to bring some fresh thoughts to the marketing campaign.

Digital Smash’s President, David Klein said: “We’re proud to be a resource for developers to publish great games on additional platforms and in new territories. There’s a lot of love and hard work that goes into making games, and that kind of indie talent needs to be showcased and nurtured. That’s why we couldn’t be happier to be supporting a talented team out of Vietnam to publish the country’s first game on console, Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found, today.”

Steve Sheppard, Technical Lead for Digital Smash, spoke about the difficulty of the game. “Toy Odyssey is meant to be hard, but it just keeps you coming back. It’ll take real skill and determination to explore the house, upgrade your equipment, and take down the darkness!” He continued, “Figure out each enemy’s patterns, build up your base to defend the room against being ransacked, and collect diary entries to uncover the mysteries of the house!”

Hiker Games and Digital Smash are also dedicated to serving the players. Along with the release of Toy Odyssey, comes the announcement of Xbox and Steam Achievements, which brings extra replayability factor to the game. Based on heavy player and fan feedback, the game will, also, receive an early patch for balancing, due the first week of release. These changes are available on Day 1 for PC (along with a small introductory sale on Steam), and should follow in the days ahead on Xbox One.

Key Features

  • Unlimited replayability with procedural level generation
  • Metroidvania style puzzles and missions
  • Hard-as-nails gameplay as a dedication to the difficulty of classic games
  • Beautifully detailed art, reminiscent of classic 8-bit and 16-bit platformers
  • Over 30,000 lines of (skippable) dialog for those that want a good story
  • Hundreds of weapon and item upgrades with a detailed crafting system
  • More than 300 types of enemies, as well as seven terrifying bosses, all on the path to stop you
  • Base Defense gameplay mechanics: Protect the bedroom at all costs!