Good Company coming to Early Access on Steam 9

Good Company coming to Early Access on Steam

Business + economics + sales + marketing + profit + business again = SUCCESS! An equation anyone can stick to and a sure-fire way to turn your fledgeling venture into a thriving empire.  Build your company from the ground up, starting out in your garage, making critical business decisions that will impact design, research, logistics, production and ultimately, profit.

Good Company is a single- and multiplayer management simulation about building, automating, and optimizing your machine & robot manufacturing corporation, set in a colourful 80s-inspired world. You start your Good Company literally with your own hands. Build your first products to turn a profit and invest in growing your workforce. Hire employees and scale your business! Only a firm foundation will pave your road to success.

“We’re very excited to be working alongside The Carrots to publish Good Company”, said Pete Simmons, Marketing Director for The Irregular Corporation, “Chasing Carrots have amassed a huge community following for this title in a very short space of time.”

“The long-standing experience in marketing and publishing Irregular brings into this partnership is what Good Company as a project was vitally missing”, said Dominik Schneider, Co-Founder of Chasing Carrots, ”For us, it’s a perfect fit. They are a very pleasant yet professional bunch and we’re very happy to have signed with them.”

With great wealth comes great responsibility. Organise and automate your workflow allowing you the freedom to dream even bigger. Design increasingly complex products to please the markets and take your enterprise to the next level.

Remember to keep your employees in mind, though. Happy workers make better products but then again, robots never sleep…

Be the first to get your hands on Good Company through Steam Early Access later this year. For more information on Good Company, please visit Follow Good Company on Twitter, Twitch, Discord and Facebook for the latest news and updates. Details of early beta access will be announced through the Good Company Discord channel.

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