Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Review

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Review

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is the most determined SAO games that I enjoy playing the game in recent times. This awesome game was developed based on the novel written by Reki Kawahara. This intense and tactful game includes powerful action elements that perfectly match with RPG gaming elements. I liked this compelling and new adventure story as it allowed me to approach characters head and monsters in indicting way, and it gave me an ultimate and intense battle experience with explosive and gratifying attacks.

The sword Art Online is  a famous Japanese franchise game, which is developed based on a novel  and then it was taken into anime, manga, video games, and now they even thinking of making a movie. The substance of the story that the virtual reality and the near-future has developed for the position where I can put a VR headset and enjoy the virtual world, and also I enjoyed experiencing all sounds and views, tastes, smells and textures that the virtual world has to offer.  It is the first VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online) game that is called Sword Art Online, and the first day of its opening it got 10,000 pre-orders, and all the players were indulged completely in the game.


I really enjoyed playing Sword Art Online game and it is the best game for the people who are interested in action and the world, the developers of the game did the best job by introducing returning characters and also gave an option to omit reintroduction for recurring players, these small things made Hollow Realization as perfect game and best entry point into the series. It is an interesting MMORPG Simulator that propels the story. The Japanese ambiance and voices are the best strengths of the game.

The technology surprises the users and allows them to experience all the five senses and allows the creator to trap everyone in the story. The players who die in the game that means they die for real. However, this new and updated version of Sword Art online allows the players to explore, allows them to take on the challenges, find crafting materials, makes them stronger and competent monster killing machines.


I find the Hollow Realization totally engaging as it has a lot of story content that can easily fill manga volume.  I felt that there is more action taking place off-screen, but overall this is one hell of a game that captivated me throughout the game time, and the level of animation is outstanding.

Most of the time, I was in the field, conquering enemies and looking towards the next level of the original story.  This is a traditional grind that will surely gain its esteem. The game format is easy and comfortable and it doesn’t push me into any boundaries. It definitely caught the perfect anime series’ spirit.

The main component of the Sword Art Online Game: Hollow Realization is its battle.  If this magic is not captured well, then the games lose its intensity, and also, it loses the magic of anime, books, and novels. But, the Auria caught it right and done absolute justice to the game, and in fact, it nailed it.  The attacking time is perfect which allowed me to capitalize damage.  The game allowed me to build combos includes a damage bonus, facilitating for battle, though it was a slow start, but I slowly picked up the game. It allowed me to use the exchange system where Kirito can find a combo just to jump back, facilitating a teammate to end with amplified destruction.  The game allowed me to use stun, utilize team skills, ward off and evade, and more to improve battlefield power. However, it took some time for me to utilize all these and use it properly, but the entire experience gave me an enthralling feeling and experience. Using all these systems is important to survival.  When you start playing the game initially we can trip across an enemy, which is in fact, over leveled for the user’s party.  The game demands complete attention to conquering the difficult situations.


This is the fourth entry of Hollow Realization in four years of VG (video game) series in the famous franchise which supports its name.  The last game was released a year ago; yet again they released this new version, which totally justified their aspect.

Sword Art Online is a combat, which is a combination of MMO-style action and combo-led action story, which also allowed me to use a range of special moves and skills, and also gave me a chance to collaborate with my teammates to execute chain attacks. My sword hitting skills was staggered by my opponent, which gave us a chance to put down them for a couple of seconds. The damage multipliers keep on increases if we keep prolonging the battle, and also if we keep staggering the enemies the multiplier grows more quickly.

The entire battle spins around the quick use of techniques to develop the player’s combo, and most importantly the chain attacks are very useful. Initially, all these things confused me a little bit as I find the guidelines are little parched. But, I get hold of the game very quickly as it all depends on my smart skills and the constantly growing skills help me to keep the enemies away and helped me enjoy the game even more.


I felt the visuals are awesome, much better than the last two titles, as it provided vast draw distances, and clear, crisp visuals. The glossy cel-shaded character models looked effective as the exposition and dialogue are brought with advanced character art. Though sometimes I felt that this game is a little slow, but the humor included in the combat made this game fun and the Japanese voiced characters are completely mind blowing, I totally enjoyed their dialogue delivery, it is so lively and entertaining.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is a universal game which is developed based on a popular series about VR (Virtual Reality)MMORPG  appropriately named Sword Art Online, which completely indulge players into the game using special equipment. This game can take you to a different place in the universe where you can battle and have fun at the same time. The only way I could rescue everyone was by climbing 100 floors of Aincrad tower and defeated the Kirito. The game is different and offers loads of entertainment and immerses the player to play the game for hours.