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Pokemon Sword Review

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In fact, many of the complaints I heard about Pokémon Swords and Shield before release are not as bad as some people have made. I sympathize with the stubborn Pokémon fans that have spent almost 20 years building the perfect Pokémon range, but for those who are considered informal gamers, Dexit really makes no sense. Sharing more of your responsive online followers can be an amazing RPG adventure, but it falls short from being the best Pokémon game.

The Concerns 

The main problem is that swords and shields are still very well known. Quality of life improved in all areas, and many seemed to have a better time enjoying the ride. This game is easy and fun for everyone but continues to offer the extra depth that Pokemon fans long for. If you are an outrageous collector, game, fossil, and competitive player, all of these have the depth and focus to keep playing for decades.

The game plot 

Like all good stories, it all starts from the beginning. You train a new Pokemon, meet friends, choose water, fire or grass Pokemon and then you get the chance to meet a legendary Pokemon marking you to be a future hero – you know that old chestnut. Fight your trainer, and search for Pokémon and follow straight up a bit as usual. If you have played Pokémon before, you know what to expect most from this game.

Road research is not boring because many of them are too small, but there are enough types of Pokémon to catch. Four hundred Pokémon is certainly much less than the total number of current Pokémon, but there are different types to catch and add to the team as you surf. I’ve always wanted to get a good selection of new and old Pokémon when moving into the Pokémon world, so it took half the missing list, but Sword and Defender offer it perfectly enough in my opinion enough 400 Pokémon.

A Wild Zone is a place where things change dramatically. The Wild Zone is a large, open single track containing dozens of different Pokémon. You can also join online players in battle and giant Pokemon raids. Speed ​​is changing slowly, which is undoubtedly in line with the perception that many are retiring from the next generation of Pokemon. Initially, the path cannot be fully explored. In fact, many Pokémon cannot be captured until the main story is completed. The Wild Zone can distract you if you want to set up a Pokémon game and catch it for a while, but it does not deliver great content at the end of the game, so frankly, it is annoying that until the game is over you can do something until you see it.

What is new?

Another new and unique feature is a fitness challenge. Instead of the typical Pokémon arcade where you fight against trainers and leaders, these missions are similar to the ones you saw in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Each challenge is a unique puzzle or task that you can complete to face the fitness leaders. There are a variety of challenges here, none of which are well described and will end soon. One is a boring replacement puzzle to find the way forward.

The fight with gym leaders is becoming more interesting. They live in a huge football field that encourages the crowd (or think it is football if you come from the US). In these battles, you can make Pokémon Dynamax and make it powerful and huge. Make the most of the ultimate Pokémon; otherwise, it is a very typical battle. However, I must say, I am not a football fan, but the British inside me greatly appreciate the gym battle music.

It is fun to play

In the memo, it was very fun and surprisingly to meet something that generally feels like an outstanding British in Pokémon in the game. Swords and Pokemon Shields captured the British culture, monuments, and cities and gave them to every Pokemon. This is where I live and there are famous towns that mean real inspiration, but all of these can be seen through the Pokemon lens. It was incredibly comfortable and I smiled on many occasions.

However, this game feels like the linear Pokemon game in a long time. The road is straight and you need to train NPCs and run cutting operations to get through every part of the game. I have never visited a restaurant to view a beautiful view, so I have noticed many times that I am in a happy way just to find the forbidden progress. EXP Engagement Mechanics means you do not struggle too much to lead you through the story and build a strong party. It was easy to exchange Pokémon inside and outside the party and leave it at a good level in no time.


This meant that I felt very limited about what I could do with the game, and certainly, the limits of the wasteland did not help. Sure, I was free to pick Pokémon for my party, but walking around defeated routes, visiting cities and gyms outside of the system and finding my way around could not. This means that a Pokémon game is a pretty simple but satisfying experience and you can enjoy the ride from the top. However, if you are looking for some kind of challenge, well, it is not right here.

Add all that to what seems like a very erratic Internet connection. Connecting to the Internet via Wild Area reduces performance and has some drawbacks. Even though a Pokémon sword and shield is a great and worthwhile Pokémon game, but it cannot be the best game in the series. I wanted to make a jump in some ways, even if it is a generation, maybe a game similar to a game like Dragon Quest XI, but that is not the case. It is a great RPG adventure – and somehow it looks like a compliment to the back.

Pokémon Sword and Defender face some issues and cannot reach the classic status, but here is a fun, beautiful and incredibly fun RPG that you dismiss when you start playing hard. Pokémon-trained combat episodes and magic work very well here, but you can understand why hardcore Pokémon enthusiasts are frustrated. However, if Dexit does not care, this great Pokémon game can last you at least a few hours.