Sennheiser PC 323D
Sennheiser PC 323D

Sennheiser’s New 323D & 310 Gaming Headset


Audio specialist Sennheiser introduced two new gaming headsets including the PC 323D premium headset, which has advanced surround features powered by Dolby®, and the PC 310, an attractive headset designed for entry-level gamers who want to discover Sennheiser legendary gaming sound for the first time.

PC 323D puts the gamer in the center of the action
The new PC 323D premium headset, with a street price of $159.95, combines superior Sennheiser sound with 7.1 super-realistic surround powered by Dolby Headphone and Dolby ProLogic® IIx. It also features the CircleFlex™ design, which automatically adjusts to the head.
PC 323D

No internal sound card is needed since the PC 323D comes with its own 3D G4ME1 7.1 USB sound card attached–making installation hassle-free. This winning combination delivers audio so realistic that the gamer can pinpoint shouts and explosions not just from the left or right, but from seven different directions. With the PC 323D, it’s no longer just about hearing the action– it’s about being in the center of it.

The open-acoustic design of the PC 323D keeps the head cool for hours, and the unique CircleFlex design ensures that the ear pads rotate and adjust automatically to the gamer’s head, making the game experience a comfortable thrill.

“We’ve made this spectacular gaming headset for gamers who seek the highest quality in surround sound combined with great wearing comfort,” commented Tori Seliokas, channel manager, Telecommunications, Sennheiser. “With the PC 323D, you don’t need a full surround system at home. This headset has you fully covered.”

It’s also easy to communicate with fellow gamers. The pro noise-canceling microphone reduces ambient noise for crystal-clear conversations, and allows the user to mute the microphone by simply raising the boom arm. Adjusting the volume control is just as easy, since it’s been placed intuitively on the right ear cup.
PC 310

PC 310 enables new gamers to hear the difference of Sennheiser
Now it’s even easier for newcomers to experience the world of Sennheiser gaming sound thanks to the launch of the PC 310. Aimed at entry-level gamers, the PC 310, which has a street price of $59.95, features legendary Sennheiser sound, a noise canceling microphone and very soft, open-acoustic ear cups–all made in a timeless design.

Like the entire range of Sennheiser headsets, the PC 323D and the PC 310 are built to last and come with Sennheiser’s two-year worldwide warranty.