Razer Orbweaver
Razer Orbweaver

Razer Orbweaver – Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Razer, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems, today announced the release of the Razer Orbweaver, a customizable, mechanical gaming keypad designed with tournament-grade controls, ergonomics and full customizability.

Building on the huge success of its predecessor, the Razer Nostromo®, the Razer Orbweaver lets gamers bind an infinite number of controls to 20 mechanical keys and a programmable eight-way directional thumb-pad. Only 50 g of force is required to trigger each key, ensuring that commands are executed as fast as users’ fingers can act—and faster than the enemy can react. The thumb-pad can be used for movement or as a modifier for endless combinations. Armed with the Razer Orbweaver, gamers will be able to rapidly fire a vast number of spells, macros and abilities at their helpless foes, and they’ll be able to do so with hyper-responsive speed and efficiency.

Razer Orbweaver

In addition to its inherent technical merits, the Razer Orbweaver also delivers comfort over extended hours of play with its adjustable rests modules for the hand, thumb and palm. Each of these parts can be slid back and forth or tilted to suit any hand curvature or size, allowing every gamer to customize a perfect fit.

“The Razer Orbweaver is the ultimate gauntlet of game control,” said Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer. “The feeling of having every command at hand to destroy the competition in so many different ways is just sublime, and the tactile feedback and fast key actuation from the mechanical key architecture gives you a feeling of satisfaction and an added edge in the games you play.”

Razer Orbweaver

About the Razer Orbweaver mechanical gaming keypad

Get complete control with the Razer Orbweaver gaming keypad, featuring 20 mechanical keys and a programmable eight-way thumb-pad. You can bind an infinite number of commands to these keys that can then be rapidly actuated for the ultimate competitive advantage in combat. The Razer Orbweaver is also designed to deliver absolute comfort during extended play with adjustable hand, thumb and palm-rest modules that fit perfectly to your hand.

This is the gaming keypad you want on hand to help you win every game you play.

Price: USD $129.99

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Worldwide – Q1 2013

Razer Orbweaver

Product features:

Full mechanical keys with 50g actuation force
20 fully programmable keys
Adjustable hand, thumb, and palm-rest modules for maximum comfort
Programmable eight-way directional thumb-pad
Razer Synapse 2.0-enabled
Instantaneous switching between eight key maps
Unlimited macro lengths
Stores unlimited gaming profiles
Backlit keypad for total control even in dark conditions

Razer Orbweaver

Approximate size & weight:

· Width 154 mm / 6.06 in.
· Length 214 mm / 7.95 in.
· Depth 55 mm / 2.17 in.
· Weight 300 g / 0.661 lbs.


For more information about the Razer Orbweaver, please visit www.razerzone.com/orbweaver.

Razer Orbweaver


Razer Orbweaver