The One Thing You Need to Keep Your Fitness Resolution: Music 26

The One Thing You Need to Keep Your Fitness Resolution: Music

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Are you looking for motivation to keep your New Year's fitness resolutions? Do you need a new workout and playlist to motivate you in the New Year? Have you ever ended a workout because your music stopped?

If so, you can renew your gym membership now, and while you're at it, download celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson's TONE-Up Playlist.

It's all about the music,” says Gunnar. “The songs you play during your workout can make all the difference in your motivation – especially if you're the type of person whose workout stops when your music does.”

LG recently surveyed thousands of people that work out for an hour at least once a week and uncovered that a majority (91%) feel music is vital to their workout. In fact, respondents said they need music during their workout more than they need it during their commute, shower and even sex1. That's because, according to the survey, listening to tunes helps active Americans work out for longer (87%), have more energy (87%) and get a better overall workout (87%).

TONE-Up Your Workout
Sometimes, music can even take the place of a trainer. Three out of four people surveyed said they are more likely to rely on music than a friend or a trainer to motivate them during their workout.

With this in mind, LG teamed up with Gunnar Peterson to offer fitness enthusiasts the best of both worlds – a new, high-intensity workout designed by Gunnar that doesn't require any equipment besides a solid playlist. The LG TONE-Up workout, which consists of 10 moves that are repeated in a circuit for as many rounds as possible, was designed to be done anytime, anywhere, so resolutions are not an obstacle.

“Lose Yourself” in Your Workout…
Whether it's a collection of EDM, classic rock or hip hop hits, having a good playlist is the ultimate workout buddy, and 81% of active Americans agree. Nearly three in five say they would put on a specific song to motivate them, if they felt like they weren't getting the most out of their workout. Those surveyed chose popular pump-up jams like Survivor's “Eye of the Tiger,” Bruno Mars' “Uptown Funk,” and Eminem's “Lose Yourself.”

…Not in Your Headphones
Music is such a motivator for active Americans that 22% of runners admit to having had “a Taylor Swift moment” and falling on a treadmill because they got lost in their music. Despite the risks, working out in silence is never an option, as one in five surveyed admit they'd end their workout session early if their music stopped working.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures
Because a majority of active Americans feel that not having headphones can ruin their fitness experience, some will go so far as to delay their workout until they find their lost headphones (39%), and others will even resort to buying a new pair of headphones (41%).

Just having headphones handy is half the battle, though. Nearly three in four say their current headphones frustrate them because of tangled wires (45%), an uncomfortable fit (44%) and lack of sweat/water resistance (29%).

LG's fitness-inspired TONE Bluetooth headsets combat these annoyances by ensuring that neither a lack of music – nor sweat and wires – get in the way. Offering a hands-free experience with sought-after features like water and sweat resistance, a customizable in-ear fit or comfortable around-the-neck design, the LG TONE Active+, LG FORCE and LG TONE Active make the perfect workout companions for the LG TONE-Up workout and those 2017 fitness resolutions.

Visit for the latest in TONE headsets or stop by the Central Hall booth #11100 at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 5-8 to learn more.