Are You Ignoring this Dangerous, Hidden Health Hazard? 9

Are You Ignoring this Dangerous, Hidden Health Hazard?

GUNNAR computer eyewear is on a mission to save America’s vision. While you may not yet know about the digital eyewear movement, you soon will. Much more than a mere trend, fad, or accessory, these glasses are essential protection against the daily threat that your cell phone, computer, and tablet pose to your vision and health. If you’re like most Americans, you spend almost half of your day staring at screens. These days, we can’t escape the increasing reliance on digital technology; from Facebook and email to searching Google for the best restaurants, the world of information at our fingertips entices us to spend more and more time in front of digital devices.

While all of this technology enhances our lives in many ways, it’s also taking its toll on your eyes and body. Every single day, our devices expose our eyes to stress and harmful artificial blue light far more intense than the level we receive from the sun, emitting a dangerous high-frequency wavelength that penetrates deep into the eye, directly reaching the retina. Even when we can’t feel it, this hazardous light wears away at our vision, leading to such severe side effects as cataracts, macular degeneration, dry and scratchy eyes, headaches, and poor quality sleep. Blue light from our screens disrupts melatonin production, which can affect sleep patterns that can ultimately lead to depression, sluggish body performance, and slow down your metabolism. Until recently, the only remedy was to avoid or limit screen time, but as our culture becomes far more digitally focused, such actions are impractical, if not impossible.

In the face of this invisible threat, GUNNAR offers another solution: protect and prevent damage to your vision and health with stylish, functional eyewear fashioned for everyday use. More than 10 years ago, GUNNAR researchers recognized the looming strain and health risks posed by electronic screens and artificial blue light and began studying its effects in-depth. Now, they are pioneering the digital eyewear movement with patented lens technology that heightens visual contrast for more defined content and digital detail, pre-focuses light to reduce muscular eye strain, and filters harmful HEV blue light for deeper, restorative sleep, and reduced risk of long-term vision and health damage. Built with wrap-around frames to reduce airflow, each pair of GUNNARs also actively battles dry, scratchy eyes, and the vision discomfort that accompanies life in the digital age.

This coming New Year, GUNNAR invites you to join the movement to safeguard your health and vision. Stock up on this essential, advanced protection today and enjoy free shipping on orders over $50, plus 10 percent off your purchase with email subscription. Visit to check out the variety of modern styles and functional designs, and discover why hundreds of “Visionary” members are choosing to trust GUNNAR with the health and future of their eyes.

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