Alcatel Launches A3 XL 6-Inch Phablet 12

Alcatel Launches A3 XL 6-Inch Phablet

Alcatel today announced at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the launch of the Alcatel A3 XL phablet, a cross between phone and tablet, which comes with a stylish 6-inch screen for a better viewing experience, fingerprint recognition feature and super-fast LTE Category 4 connectivity.

The Alcatel A3 XL is the first of a new premium range of affordable mobile devices, the “A” series. This new family of mobile devices offers affordability, functionality and, most of all, fun.

The new Alcatel A3 XL has a new distinct design, a large immersive high-definition display, user-friendly fingerprint recognition technology and LTE connectivity that fully supports a wide range of data-heavy content and gaming activities. In addition, this spacious-screen smartphone comes fully loaded with a range of exclusive apps, mixing highly sophisticated technology with affordability.

“Our audience are those who really live on-the-go, are creative, socially active and are highly engaged with their communities of friends, family and work colleagues,” said Vittorio Di Mauro, Senior Vice President Smart Connectivity Division, Alcatel. “The new Alcatel A3 XL enables them to watch the best HD movies and get an all-round fabulous multimedia experience, including gaming that involves high-volume data transfer. In short, it gives them a lot of bang for their buck. They will enjoy it.”

Fingerprint recognition gives functionality and security

The Alcatel A3 XL fingerprint recognition feature allows the smartphone to be unlocked with one quick tap. It also helps to answer calls, take photos, encrypt documents and quickly access other applications. Along with this feature, the Alcatel A3 XL has an enhanced speaker system that offers greater sound clarity. It also comes with dual-flash two cameras — perfect for selfies — along with a range apps to help enhance and personalize photos and albums. The phablet comes in a vibrant range of colors and 3D patterns.

“What’s remarkable about the fingerprint recognition, besides greater security and easy access, is the price point at which we’re able to deliver it,” Mr. Di Mauro said. “At Alcatel, our mission is to make smartphones more affordable, accessible and provide an enjoyable experience to people everywhere. We’ve done that with the Alcatel A3 XL — it’s a great option for anyone seeking a full suite of features without blowing a hole in their budget.”

Alcatel plans to roll out the Alcatel A3 XL in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America during the first quarter of 2017, before moving on to Europe in the second quarter.