Non-Stop Combo Action in Elsword Philippines 13

Non-Stop Combo Action in Elsword Philippines

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Online gaming has become more popular than ever. In fact, two of the biggest games in the country today are League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth which are published by Garena. From its MMORPG roots, online games have spread out to multiple genres, from first-person-shooters (FPS) to beat-em-ups. Back to the present, a big MMORPG storm is approaching; one that has already swept away big countries such as Korea, Japan, China, Brazil and North America, among others.

Welcome to Elsword Online.


Elsword Online is a MMORPG that incorporates an element of side-scrolling beat-em-up, a genre that has been established for years here in Philippines. What makes it unique among its predecessors is that it offers much more depth and customization. Its combo system allows you to utilize a wide variety of attacks, making it a much more fun experience than simply doing the same slash and attack over and over again. Unleashing devastating flurry of blows isn't just for show, as mastering these skills rewards you with better items and experience, making advancement much faster and enjoyable.

In Elsword Online, you can tailor the character to your taste and needs.
Offering an amazing assortment of costumes and accessories, any player can make his or her character look as cute or as cool as they want to be. In addition, there is also a pet system where you could pick out a companion for your adventure. You need to feed and take care of it just like the real thing but it is all worth the trouble as your pets can give out buffs and fight alongside you.


At launch, three characters would be available in Elsword Online, with the rest to follow after some time.

The titular character, Elsword is an aggressive, hot-headed swordsman. Trained in the arts of swordsmanship, he is able to deliver devastating blows using his great sword and when on the defensive end, able to take tons of damage. Eager to rush into the heat of battle, his all-out style is supported by quicker MP absorption during combat, enabling him to continuously dish out high damage moves. His counter attack skill allows him to continue to attack even when surrounded by enemies, proving that best defense is a good offense. He fights to find Elesis, the precious gem that keep the peace of his kingdom and has a personal quest to find his sister who mentored him but disappeared.



A haughty genius, Aisha was already one of the most powerful magi in the land at such a young age. However, aring took away all her abilities, and now she is on a quest to get her power back. Though weakened, she is still able to cast powerful arcane barrages of various elements. She can fight hordes of monsters without sweating as her spells can affect a massive area.Even if some lucky monsters get close enough, she can glide through the air to find safety. Even when cornered, she can still hold her own ground by smashing heads with her staff.



A being from another world, Rena the elf fights to protect the bond between the two planes. A versatile warrior equipped with both solid melee and ranged attacks, she is able to adapt to the situation in battles. From afar, her bow and arrow makes her a deadly sniper, taking down foes before they even know what hit them. Up close, she uses her kicks to create awesome combos. Combined with her double-jump, she is a nimble skirmisher who dances around the battlefield.


Whether you want to take down big bosses or battle fellow players, Elsword Online has got it all. It offers multitude of dungeons from evil forests to fortified castles, where gigantic bosses await those who dare to enter their territory. For those who would want to prove their supremacy against other players, Elsword’s PvP system allows them to choose between one-on-one combat or team battle of up to four players, testing their individual prowess, as well as team work.

So if you want to join the fun, why don't you hop over to and join the beta test!

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