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GTA :How To Play Blackjack in GTA Online

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GTA is one of the most popular games across the world. Since July 2020, GTA 5 has opened an online casino where players can enjoy gambling at the most popular casino games. Therefore, it is the perfect combination for gamers and casino enthusiasts, for it is the perfect place to enjoy both worlds. 

GTA is a great way to practice casino gambling strategies while enjoying playing a game. Once you have practiced enough and learned the strategy, you will be prepared to gamble like a pro at an online blackjack real money table, or any other game of your preference, in a legitimate online casino of your choice.

As we mentioned GTA, you can play several games at the GTA casino, like: roulette, slots machines, blackjack, virtual horse racing, lucky wheel and three card poker. However, in this article, we will be focusing on how to play gta 5 blackjack. Here is everything you need to know about how to play blackjack in GTA online.

Getting started : GTA

Before playing at any GTA casino game, you need to get casino chips for you to gamble. The important thing to know, is that this is a different currency than the GTA$ players have in their Maze bank account.
Here are different ways you can get your GTA casino chips to play blackjack online for fun:

* You can visit (once a day) the Cashier Services booth to collect a 1.000 free chips visitor bonus.
* You can buy 5.000 casino chips by going to the Guest Services desk and purchasing a Standard Membership that costs GTA$ 500.
* You can exchange 1 GTA$ for 1 casino chip at the cashier.

At first you can only get a maximum of 20.000 chips within a game. However, after you become a VIP and buy a casino Penthouse, you can get up to 50.000 chips within a game.

GTA blackjack online basic rules

The objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer´s hand without getting more than 21 points in your hand. Four standard 52-card decks are used in this game, and they are shuffled at the beginning of each hand.

The card values are: Ace is worth 1 or 11 points, face cards are all worth 10 points, and 2 to 10 are worth their pip value. 

The dealer must stand on soft 17, this means the dealer will continue taking cards until they hit at least soft 17 or go bust. If the dealer and the player both have blackjack, this will result in a push. When a player is drawn seven cards without going over 21 will automatically win. And when the dealer´s face up card is an ace, insurance isn't offered. 

Double down: after a player has been dealt their two initial cards, they can double their bet in return for one additional card, this is also available on both hands after splitting.
Split: you can split your hand once if the first two cards have the same value, the same bet amount must be bet for the split hand.

Payout: GTA casino blackjack pays 3 to 2 of the bet value, this means that if you bet $100 and you get a Blackjack, you will win 1.5 times your bet, giving you a total of $250. Other winning bets pay even money, if you bet $100 you get $100.

Soft Hand: the combination of an ace with a card other than a ten-card is known as a “soft hand” because the player can count the ace as a 1 or 11. A soft hand cannot go bust by taking another card. Bets limits: Minimum: 10 Chips. Maximum: 5000 Chips.

Can you play with real money at the GTA online casino?

You cannot gamble real money at the GTA casino. You can only bet the chips you earn or buy with your GTA$; and your winnings will always remain in the game, available as virtual money for you to buy in-game stuff. If you could play for real money, it would be considered real gambling and the corresponding authorities would have to step in to regulate. If you are looking to bet at a real money blackjack online casino table, you need to find an online casino regulated to gamble, outside the game!