Heroes of the Storm - D.Va Impressions 14

Heroes of the Storm – D.Va Impressions

D.Va is one of the Overwatch characters that have recently found its way to the heroes of the Storm. The lady is quite equipped with all its war equipment’s along with her team to fight with her new enemies. D.Va is a confident gamer, which uses her skills for the Défense of her homeland. The users experience lots of different modes, she has lots of strengths and enjoys the constraints as well. She takes her routes out of those constraints to play well and establish herself as a winner.

If we talk about the character then we will see that they have two modes to explore, Mech mode and Pilot mode. The Mech mode allows the D.Va character to fight until it gets fully destroyed and she ejects from the mode and switches to the pilot. The switching, of course, gives the player an advantage in the term of rewards and makes the speed of D.Va at a slower pace too. Undoubtedly, she is one if the characters that are known for its bravery in the battlefields. On the war front, the D.Va with her team commonly known as Meka, display various modes and which makes her one of the warriors and a team effort which will definitely take her performance to the next level.

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Let’s have a closer look at her abilities:

  • Fusion Generator: If any of the enemy’s hero comes forward to display their game or fought using the Défense matrix, then the D.Va self-destructive ability can be enhanced.
  • Dazer Zone: The D.Va can slow any enemy that is affected by Défense matrix by 20% and it will help her in taking her hand on the enemy now.
  • Aggression Mode: This mode is really helpful for the heroes as in if we see the mech mode, then there are many basic kinds of attacks that keep on happening in the game during the mode and D.Va can help in lowering down the various Défense matrix up to 0.25 seconds and that can help the heroes from the other half gaining more points on your behalf.
  • Torpedo Dash: It is one of the best ability that D.Va practices in the pilot mode which allows her to pass through her respective enemies and in addition dash forward too.
  • Light Gun: Once her mech is destroyed, she uses Light Gun as one of her major method. The light gun is used for causing destructive damages, with projectile bullets. She can use the weapons to recharge for a call upon a new mech too.
  • Survival and great Défense mechanism: Because of her best talents the D.Va in Heroes of the Storm can survive in the game for a long time. Her heroic abilities like the Bunny Hop make her quite unstoppable at the time at her cool down time is also just 90 seconds for the mode, another capability that is worth recognition is a Big Shot for which the cool down timing is just 4 seconds.
  • Call Mech: The mech once destroyed can be called upon again and needs to deal with minute damages while calling upon the mech. Both the D.Va and Mech can be killed or damaged while she is entering into the mech.
  • Mobility: The game is great to play as you do not need to bother about any technical faults and most important for a second also you will not know that you are out of the war field. Maybe in the starting, it can seem quite difficult to you, but with the time racing through you will find it smooth to go through.
  • Self-destruct: Once the D.Va, ejects herself from the mech, then it starts detonating itself within 3 seconds. The explosion and the damage is huge around the area and if the mech doesn’t explode, then the D.Va will not gain the call recharge option so this is quite important for her to have it. The blast also impacts the survival opponents and launches them on a cliff or pit off.

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Some of the field that requires some improvements:

  • Not A solo defender: The D.Va in Heroes of the Storm, plays as a team only, if you want her to play alone then her game will not be as good as she played with her team. So, she should be given the powers so at times she can play alone too.
  • Many modes are team dependent: If we talk about the self-destruct model, then we will see that the D.Va then you will know she is dependent upon the team abilities only, so it must be improved upon and make them independent of others it will help her gain the grip on her enemies.

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D.Va has been one of the famous characters in the games and has proven her worth lot many times. And now she has entered the Heroes of Storm to show her colors to her fans. The users have viewed the game and do look forward to playing the same as her character was very much stronger and the kind of modes she displays are quite unique and have something different to offer to the users as well. They are amused by the kind of modes as well, while some find her a bit weak to play. May of the modes while playing the game interests the players like the mech modes, while she ejects and comes to pilot, the transitions involve lots of stages to go through and also have the modes that are activated temporarily for you for the time being.

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The D.Va character will definitely interest you if you are looking forward to going for a hard win, as there are many constraints on your way to winning the medal. Do go forward to play the game and experience a new character in Heroes of Storm too.

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