Freedom expands to Manitoba, 50% off for 3 months. 26

Freedom expands to Manitoba, 50% off for 3 months.

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Quebecor-owned Freedom Mobile has expanded its services into Manitoba, offering mobile, home internet, and TV options to residents of the province. Along with the service availability, Freedom has opened several retail locations in Winnipeg.

As part of its introductory offer, Freedom is providing a 10GB plan for $14.50 per month, which includes a $5 Digital Discount for signing up for automatic payments. Additionally, customers can enjoy a 50 percent discount for the first three months. The usual price for this plan is $29 per month. Other plan options include a $19 per month 1GB plan, a $24 per month 5GB plan, and a $45 per month Roam Beyond plan with 15GB of data. All plans come with unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting as well as the Digital Discount.

It is worth noting that the plans offered in Manitoba by Freedom do not have as much data as the plans available in other provinces. This difference in data offerings is likely due to a CRTC decision in April that led Freedom to hold off on launching data-rich plans in Manitoba.

One plan that is available in Manitoba is the $45 per month Roam Beyond plan, which offers 15GB of data. This plan was initially launched in other regions and joined Freedom's other Roam Beyond plan, priced at $65 per month for 60GB. However, the $65 per month plan with 60GB is not available in Manitoba.

For more information on Freedom's plans in Manitoba, you can visit their website. This expansion of Freedom Mobile into Manitoba provides residents with more options for affordable telecom services in the province.