Astro Bot was my top demo at Summer Game Fest 26

Astro Bot was my top demo at Summer Game Fest

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Summer Game Fest recently showcased a plethora of upcoming games, but one title in particular stood out to me: Astro Bot. As a fan of its predecessor, Astro’s Playroom, I was excited to dive into the demo of this full-fledged sequel and it did not disappoint.

The expanded scope of Astro Bot is immediately noticeable, with over 80 stages spread across various captivating worlds. Each planet offers a unique and fresh experience, from serene gardens to trap-filled factories floating in the sky. The gameplay mechanics have also been enhanced, such as a power-up allowing Astro to turn into a giant balloon and weaponized arms reminiscent of the characters from Arms.

What truly caught my attention was the incorporation of over 150 familiar faces from the PlayStation universe. Characters like Kratos and Atreus from God of War make appearances in meaningful roles, enhancing the overall experience. The subtle nods to PlayStation history, combined with the engaging gameplay, create a delightful and interactive campaign that appeals to both new and veteran players.

The attention to detail and creativity showcased in the demo left me eagerly anticipating the full release of Astro Bot on September 6th, 2024. The sheer variety and charm of the game, coupled with the developer's passion, make it my most anticipated game for the remainder of the year. After experiencing numerous game demos at Summer Game Fest, Astro Bot undoubtedly emerged as my favorite, promising an exciting and engaging gaming experience.

Image credit: PlayStation