Cubinet Secured “Music Man” For South East Asia 13

Cubinet Secured “Music Man” For South East Asia

Cubinet Interactive has signed the agreement to license the top of the line 3D casual dancing game Music Man of Snail Game (Suzhou Snail Electronic Co. Ltd. ), developers of the highly acclaimed 9yin (Jiu Yin Zhen Jing, popularly known as Age of Kung Fu in SEA). It will be another milestone for Cubinet Interactive to continuously bringing strong and innovative game titles to South East Asian communities.

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Music Man Online lives up to its name. The game enables you to create and customize your own character with a huge selection of appearances, clothing, actions and mounts which will surely bring out your inner creativity. MMO boasts nine different cutting-edge game modes to suit everyone’s preferences. Partying with friends has never been this cool and easy!

Music Man Online is dance, music, social, entertainment and quality rolled into one!