Most Anticipated FPS Game of 2014

Though Titanfall is more of your conventional first person shooter game, Respawn Entertainment has given the genre a vast innovation in their first title. Titanfall offers a more fast paced gameplay compared to the other games in the genre. In Titanfall you start as a Pilot, which are those who actually wears jetpacks which let them do double jumps and perform wall runs. Wall runs will also let you jump to some windows and other available ledges or any high platforms in the map which can possible be a game changer as it will give you a height advantage over your opponents.

A pilot can eventually call a titan and it will be dropped into the battlefield in which you can hop in to and use it on the combat zone. Your teammates may also hop onto your titan while you are driving and shoot all the way to your advantage. If your titan has received an intense damage you may also eject yourself from the titan and have a tactical drop either to your enemy pilots or even to your enemy titans as well.

Titanfall certainly requires more teamwork than your typical FPS game where it only revolves on the series of spawns and deaths. Titanfall definitely offers a whole new way to play a First Person Shooter game and Respawn Entertainment is bringing it to a whole new level.

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Most Anticipated FPS of 2014

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