Animal Collections
Animal Collections

Animal Collections

Animal lovers, a new antidote is here to help alleviate (or aggravate) your obsession with those cute little furry things. We present to you Animal Collections, a mix of never-seen-before build-your-own-forest mechanics and some pet-loving. These animals are so adorable that we fell in love with them, and so will you.

Animal Collections is another quality title developed by Nubee Pte. Ltd., brought to you by the very same members who created Japan Life last year in July. The game is built on a new and improved engine of that of Japan Life. It’s faster, smoother, and visuals are a delight to behold. For the first time ever, Animal Collections is now exclusively released on Android. The iOS version is slated to release very soon.

Let the game mascot, Ponta the Raccoon, accompany you through the world of Animal Collections.

Create the most beautiful forest for your beloved animals. The game lets you layout your forest in a zoo-like manner, allowing you to freely create your own enclosures with more than 200 decorations at your fingertips. Decorations have special features that can unlock other rare animals or increase the generation of acorns of certain animals, which can be used to buy food or other decorations.

Animal Collection features an impressive line up of 120 rare and legendary animals. Starting with some basic animals, players can use fusion and gacha mechanics to discover more. If you fancy having Pegasus as part of your collection, start playing now!

While you’re busy building the best forest, let your animals take a walk in the wilds via the Journey feature. You wouldn’t know, they might even bring more animal friends home! Take care of their daily needs, keep them happy, and reap bountiful rewards. Players can complete quests, level up, and unlock other animals and decorations.

Animal Collections is now available for free in Google Play Store.

Animal Collections on iTunes App Store will launch very soon.