Square Enix brings Kingdom Hearts to Steam 26

Square Enix brings Kingdom Hearts to Steam

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Square Enix has announced that its Kingdom Hearts games will launch on Steam on June 13th. Specifically, most of the series will be available on Valve’s PC storefront on that date, including:

These Steam ports come over three years after the Kingdom Hearts series made its PC debut exclusively on the Epic Games Store. If you’ve never played the Square Enix and Disney action-RPG series, those aforementioned overcomplicated names (which allude to an even more overcomplicated larger narrative) probably have you scratching your head. All you need to know going in, however, is these Steam ports include every console and handheld game in the ‘Dark Seeker Saga,’ the series’ first arc that spans nearly two decades.

The only console game that isn’t included is 2020’s Melody of Memory, a rhythm title that largely just retold the events of the Dark Seeker Saga. There are also a few mobile games, including the upcoming Missing Link, that aren’t heading to Steam. Kingdom Hearts IV, the next mainline entry in the series, was revealed in April 2022, although we haven’t seen anything from the game since.

The news comes a week after Square Enix revealed plans to “aggressively pursue” a multiplatform release strategy, with PC, in particular, being singled out as “a growth market.” This was spurred by the company’s failure to meet recent fiscal targets, in part driven by high-profile PS5 exclusives like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Final Fantasy XVI, which are critically acclaimed but underperformed.

Image credit: Square Enix/Disney