Fantasy Kommander – Eukarion Wars 7

Fantasy Kommander – Eukarion Wars

Fantasy Kommander is a strategic turn based RPG game with a setting inspired by European fantasy and medieval tradition.

Entering the world of Fantasy Kommander you will be able to play as a general from one of the featured races, such as humans, elves, orcs, dwarves and many more, coming from several worlds.

Following the storyline which develops playing each game you will live a never-ending adventure in the Land of the Seven Pillars of Eukarion, leading great armies to victory.

Fantasy Kommander is for those players who love strategy and military tactics, a game with a well-constructed combat system which asks the player for dedication in order to be deeply understood and appreciated.

If you think you are a great general, if you want to fight on broad battlefields ruled by heavy armored knights, orcs, trolls, giants, magicians, centenarian dragons and an enormous amount of powerful creatures, Fantasy Kommander is the game for you!

Game Features:

The game contains the following outstanding gameplay features:

  • Strategy-RPG turn based game;
  • A new, advanced Strategic-Rpg Battle System;
  • A deep and involving Storyline set in a world inspired by the European Middle Age and enriched by the Fantasy narrative tradition;
  • Several different Armies to buy, upgrade and unleash in Battle!
  • Every Army has many characteristics that you can manage and upgrade;
  • Special Abilities to increase the power of your Army;
  • Incredible spells;
  • Hordes of Enemies;
  • Hours and Hours of pure Strategy and RPG fun!
  • High Replayability in Campaign Modes;
  • Multiplayer Battles.