PlayStation emulator now on Apple's App Store! 26

PlayStation emulator now on Apple’s App Store!

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The first PlayStation emulator, named Gamma, has recently made its way onto Apple's App Store for iPhone users. Developed by ZodTTD, a prominent figure in the emulation community, Gamma allows users to play classic PS1 games on their mobile devices.

While the app is primarily designed for the iPhone, there is also a dedicated version for iPad users. Key features of Gamma include support for Bluetooth controllers and keyboards, as well as on-screen controller skins. However, playing PS1 games with a touchscreen may prove challenging for some users, especially when it comes to more complex titles.

One of the standout features of Gamma is its ability to automatically pull game cover art, similar to the Nintendo emulator Delta. This is because part of Gamma's code is based on Delta, as reported by The Verge. As with all emulators, users will need to source their own game files to use with the app.

Initial reviews of Gamma are positive, with users enjoying the nostalgic experience of playing classic PS1 games on their iPhones. However, there have been reports of frequent crashes, compatibility issues with certain controllers, and some titles not running properly. Additionally, users have noted the presence of lengthy ads before being able to play a game, although the app itself is free to download.

Despite these initial setbacks, it is likely that any issues with Gamma will be addressed in future updates. For those interested in trying out the emulator, Gamma can be found on the iOS App Store.

Overall, the introduction of Gamma to the App Store opens up a new world of gaming possibilities for iPhone users, allowing them to enjoy classic PS1 titles on their mobile devices.