Telus investing $17B in BC for network, innovation. 26

Telus investing $17B in BC for network, innovation.

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Telus, a Vancouver-based national telecom company, has announced a significant investment of $17 billion in British Columbia to enhance network infrastructure and operations over the next five years. This investment is part of a larger commitment by Telus to deploy $73 billion across Canada by 2028, focusing on infrastructure development, sustainability, and network technology advancements.

In its statement, Telus outlined several areas where the investment in B.C. will be allocated. One key focus is on expanding and improving the network by implementing new radio access network (RAN) solutions, such as open RAN (ORAN), to deliver more reliable and faster connections while reducing energy consumption. The company also plans to leverage AI and advanced analytics for infrastructure planning to optimize coverage and network performance, aiming to double the number of new cell towers built across the province by 2024.

Telus highlighted its commitment to innovation and sustainability through initiatives like mobile health clinics, partnerships with organizations like the Vancouver Whitecaps, wildfire protection and relief efforts, and more. The company's investment in B.C. builds on its previous contributions, with over $63 billion invested in the province since 2000 to develop network infrastructure, operations, and spectrum.

This substantial investment from Telus signifies a positive step towards driving innovation, supporting a greener future, and enhancing connectivity in British Columbia, contributing to the overall growth and development of telecom infrastructure in Canada.