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Perception Review

Perception is entirely different from other horror games and in this game you will play as a younger blind woman whose name is Cassie. She is directing through the troubled mansion with the echo location while the indistinct presence stalks you.  By teasing a player with the strange and playing with your different senses, Perception largely reached at horror category with the huge numbers of fans because of its novel concept.

The main character Cassie actually travels to the Massachusetts in order to start the investigation about the abandoned mansion which has infected her nightmares. To find the truth, all the players look through belongings of the past inhabitants who were living in the house for solving the compelling mysteries. As a player, you have to complete the character driven tales of the ghostly inhabitants of the home and jump through the time since the estate changes to signify the period of every chapter as far back as the 1600s. Cassie is using her echo location to see and understand her surroundings.

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Each and every player can get an excellent experience with this game because this perception game includes a greater sense of immersion. The visuals and sound quality of this game are really fantastic and it shows like real in front of you. The game play of perception is really very interesting with the unique soundscape which will create the true sense of the world around the players with the soft whirring and loud bangs.

The real innovation of this game is that it includes a running theme during the game play from the starting to end with full of independence to the Cassie character. Another important innovation in this game is that she is using a special app named Friendly Eyes to chat with the customer representatives who can describe the various things which you couldn’t see. Such chats usually provide some light humor and sometimes it will add more fear while playing it. Every once in a while, the jump scares happen and the biggest terrors of the perceptions are the ones which you couldn’t see and mind the scams which make you inquire reality. At the same time, the players of the perception will experience the quick flashes of the ghoul in the specific distant or the screech of the door closing.

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Rather than these scary moments, the story of the perception game is actually well written and also greatly focused on the exploration. There is an excellent feature called a solid voice acting which will provide the life to the ordinary objects of the game where a player triggers a memory of the ghost by finding the different important things like the mug or paint brush. As it puts emphasis on the exploration, some of the players are considering it as the biggest disadvantage but it is not a problem when the players are correcting your way of game play. By this way, you are somewhat limited on how well you are going to explore a room when a specific feature called echolocation will attract the enemies.

The players of the perception game can also experience another one extraordinary feature called monochromatic environments which are aesthetic that is old as the gaming journey continues but there is an ever changing house in this game bringing different varieties to the areas you revisit.

Perception game actually provides the most memorable horror experience which increases due to its unique game play and setup. In order to force the players for solving the compelling mystery of the perception game by actually facing what waited in the dark.

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Each and every player who is selecting this Perception game has to play as the Cassie who is the main character. As a player, you have to deal with her blindness throughout the entire game. Without giving any navigating sound, the players will experience that the entire gaming world goes to black. The sounds of the environment will basically light up the landscape and allow all players to see what is nearby. But the major way which you are seeing in this game is by tapping the cane of the Cassie. It usually sends the shockwave of the real sound which will allow the players to know what is in your surroundings and also highlight the focus points in an easier manner.

The blindness of the main character Cassie is basically not the limiting factor and at the same time it is the main factor which you have to deal with, as a player. But the effect of her blindness in the perception game is providing the intense feel to the game. If the game often thrusts in with the scares, this character Cassie has to deal with the several truly terrible things such as specters or ghosts. But some other times, there is not basically anything frightening going on in the actual game play. However, the tension is still there and frequently building as the player explores the environment. It is because you will never see ahead of the immediate region around the Cassie.

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When the players are doing such the great things, the terror will actually be going to the extreme level. Perception game basically contains more numbers of enemies with also the wicked spirit of the house which comes after the player. It is not the stable threat but it is usually based on how much sound or noise you have made during the game play. It is highly suggested to make too much by tapping or running your cane often and also the spirit in the game will come and try to find you.

The players can’t be able to fight it instead you have to just hide yourself and believe you are safe. It will actually create the steady feeling of dread whenever a player knows that the spirit is very closer or if you begin making too much sound or noise then you need to start running from the place. Playing this type of games will make you thrilled and it makes you believe you are in the evil home.